Enterprise Plan

Critical Reliance. Larger User Base. Strategic Governance.

Our most comprehensive network plan available for businesses with a large user base who need unlimited support, regular preventative maintenance, and strategic IT planning.

Business Critical Plan

Critical IT Reliance. Regular IT Support. Preventative Maintenance.

Our most popular plan that combines a proactive maintenance approach with service hours that fit your individual organization’s needs.

Pro Plan

Higher IT Reliance. Semi-Frequent IT Support. Predictable Budget Needs.

With a retainer based contract, you can purchase a bucket of hours at a discounted rate. When an issue arises, we’ll be right there to fix it.

Starter Plan

Limited Users. Lower IT Reliance. Infrequent IT Support.

Start with an ad-hoc T&M (Time and Materials) contract where you can contact our IT support when you need us, at an hourly rate.

Smart Plans

Our plans are 100% customized and can combine elements of all of the below plans to meet your business needs.


       Help Desk

    Rapid Response Team

    Asset Management

    System Standardization


    Predictable Cost

      Designated Engineer

  Custom Service Level

     24/7 Monitoring

     Monthly System Check

    Back-Up Monitoring

    IT Planning

     IT Governance

    IT Policy & Procedure

    Unlimited Support


Limited Users

Lower IT Reliance

Infrequent IT Support


Higher IT Reliance

Semi-Frequent IT Support

Predicatable Budget Needs




Critical IT Reliance

Regular IT Support

Preventative Maintenance



Critical Reliance 

Larger User Base

Strategic Governance 


Don’t see what you need?

Our plans are 100% customized. Contact us for pricing, we promise it will be affordable!

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Black Line Certified

“Ready To GO”

3 Steps To Make Your IT Work Better

Step 1: Assess

Our thorough assessment process guarantees that all your issues and concerns are documented fully, allowing us to find the solution that is just right for your business.

Step 2: Improve

After we assess your existing technology and business processes, we implement solutions to improve your systems to help your business be as efficient as possible.

Step 3: Maintain

Black Line Certified Systems receive regular proactive maintenance, along with reactive support if any problems happen to arise.

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