Preventative Maintenance

Experts in IT, so you can be experts in everything else.

Cyber attacks are increasing, servers go down, and error messages pop up at the most inconvenient time. With our preventative maintenance services we keep you distraction-free and worry-free, so you can focus on your business.

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Preventative Maintenance Services

Black Line gives peace of mind with the upkeep of your organization’s networking components, exceeding industry best practices with thoughtful planning and staying on the forefront of technology advances.

Back-Up Check

Black Line is here to give you peace of mind with various backup and disaster recovery plans customized to the needs of your business, so you can ensure your data is backed up accessible in case of emergency. Whether someone accidentally deletes a sensitive document, you are a victim of a cyber attack, or an unexpected disaster strikes, our regular back up checks verify that your risk of data loss is reduced, and that the proper recovery solutions are in place.

Back Up Verification

Running consistent backups of your organization’s data is only one piece of the “retention” puzzle; just because a backup was run doesn’t mean it was done correctly. At Black Line, once a backup is complete, we review the process to verify it was successful, and will perform occasional test restores of backed up data to verify file integrity.

System Check

How often are your servers, network, and other business-critical systems (including hardware) being proactively checked in case of a problem? Black Line’s engineers will run manual, monthly checks on these systems to evaluate their general health and identify any deficiencies before they become an issue.

Alert System Check

Monitoring systems are only useful if they are actually being reviewed and acted on when alerts go off. Are your alert systems being checked daily by your current IT support? Every day, Black Line’s team of dedicated proactive engineers check our client’s monitoring platforms to ensure their technologies are operating as designed and intended. This process ensures that alerts are being reviewed and addressed before they impact your business.

Infrastructure Maintenace

An organization’s IT infrastructure is it’s foundation, which is why performing regular infrastructure maintenance is critical to keeping your business up and running. Whether it’s conducting performance reviews, verifications of security patches, updates, or investigating errors or warnings, we are here to ensure any gaps are proactively identified and taken care of to keep that foundation solid, and your business uninterrupted.

Preventative Maintenance Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Be confident your IT infrastructure keeps your business running smoothly

Black Line’s preventative maintenance services covers the key facets of your organization including

  • Network
    • Routers/Switches
    • Internet/Telecommunications/Redundancy
    • Firewalls and Security Devices
    • Wireless Network
  • Security
  • Data, backups, and disaster recovery
  • Hardware/Firmware/Software
  • Workstations/Laptops: End user computing equipment maintenance
  • Mobile Devices: End user personal communication devices, tablets and phones
  • Peripherals: Printers, scanners, and other multi-function devices