Mobile App Development

Building your business for the future, in an era of mobility.

Mobile apps can provide a natural extension of your business’s solutions, helping to differentiate you to your customers or bringing ease-of-use to your employees.

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Mobile App Development Services

Want to build loyalty? A better customer experience? Deliver information quickly to an engaged audience? Mobile apps are more than just checking the weather or playing a game. They are sticky tools that reach your most interested customers quickly and effectively.

BlackLine has in-house software developers that specialize in mobile app development that understand the importance of building a great experience for your clients.

Mobile App Development

Nowadays, mobile apps are a common extension of many Line-of-Business systems or client service offerings. Whether accommodating your on-the-move employees or creating a more user-friendly experience for your customers, Black Line’s software services includes mobile app development for iPhone, Android, or tablets. Our capabilities can deliver you reliable, custom applications to meet your businesses’ mobile-based needs and help your organization stay innovative.

Software Design

A software design is a preliminary step in Black Line’s software development process. We will conduct a comprehensive and collaborative evaluation your system’s requirements, detail out the many components related to the technical design and architecture, deliver screen-by-screen mockups showcasing the expected UI/UX, all while determining the precise budget and timeline for system’s development. We take into consideration all aspects that will go into your application, ensuring that the end-result delivers as intended.

Mobile App Development Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Black Line’s Mobile App Development services offer you solutions that:

Have responsive designs to work on any platform

Bring efficiencies to your client or end-user experience

Provide continued support and maintenance on your mobile app and companion web apps

Integrate your mobile app to your other key business systems

Ensure compliance with the guidelines and processes to be downloadable in the respective app stores