Software Assessments

Developing smart software starts with smart evaluations.

Software evaluation is necessary to make sure that all software created will increase the efficiency rather than creating complications.

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Software Assessment Services

Not all software ideas make it to the full development and they shouldn’t. This stage of development helps the BlackLine team thoroughly understand application, user experience, technology capabilities, and ensure there is not an existing technology platform that could solve the problem more effectively.

Software Assessment

If your business is facing obstacles related to data inaccuracy, security concerns, workflow inefficiencies, or the inability to scale with your current software solutions, it’s time to take a look under the hood. A Black Line Software Assessment will analyze your existing software technologies, workflow, and desired future state to deliver recommendations related to your software solutions that will enable your organization to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Software Assessments Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Steps of a Software assessment

Business Case – Black Line initiates all assessment efforts with a thorough understanding of “why we are doing this”. Understanding the “why” ensure we match your expectations

Discovery – Identify, research and review of appropriate systems and the associated documentation.

Analysis – With all the information found in Discovery, BlackLine uncovers potential risk for each of the foundational technologies, business processes or management disciplines based on your needs

Recommendations – Best software fit based on your risk profile, budgets,