Software Assessments

Building your business for the future,
through intentional and strategic evaluation.

The components of Black Line’s Software Assessment include:

  • Business Case – Black Line initiates all assessment efforts with a thorough understanding of “why we are doing this”. Understanding of the “why” shapes the focus our team will use to prioritize the work performed and ensure it matches your expectations
  • Discovery – The identification of appropriate system components and related technologies, the research and review of those systems and the associated documentation.
  • Analysis – Comparing Black Line best practices to the system information found during the Discovery process and establish potential risk for each of the foundational technologies, business processes or management disciplines
  • Recommendations – Outlining recommendations that will remediate each risk, the reasons why, and any supporting information to justify each business case
  • Options – Identifying options that match the priority of the risks, goals of your organization along with budgetary costs to help guide decisions

Software Assessment Services

Whether you’re looking to digitally transform your business or just looking to fix a specific problem with your current software, we can help improve your application’s performance through:

Software Assessment

If your business is facing obstacles related to data inaccuracy, security concerns, workflow inefficiencies, or the inability to scale with your current software solutions, it’s time to take a look under the hood. A Black Line Software Assessment will analyze your existing software technologies, workflow, and desired future state to deliver recommendations related to your software solutions that will enable your organization to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Software Assessments Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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