Software Assessment Services

Developing smart software starts with smart evaluations.

Software evaluation is necessary to make sure that all software created will increase the efficiency rather than creating complications.

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Software Assessment Services

Not all software ideas make it to the full development and they shouldn’t. This stage of development helps the BlackLine team thoroughly understand application, user experience, technology capabilities, and ensure there is not an existing technology platform that could solve the problem more effectively.

Our software assessment services ensure you’re using the applications that are best-suited for your particular business needs. We also guide you through all the pertinent features of your platforms so you know exactly what they can do for you. Taking advantage of our business IT assessment services means you can cut down on bloatware that does little for your operations than take hard drive space.

With our help, you also can save money spent on licenses for programs that don’t meet all your needs. Our experts provide you with peace of mind, as well, thanks to our security audits. By identifying any gaps that may exist within your software’s cybersecurity, you can prevent costly data breaches and better ensure regulatory compliance.

Software Assessment

If your business is facing obstacles related to data inaccuracy, security concerns, workflow inefficiencies, or the inability to scale with your current software solutions, it’s time to take a look under the hood. A Black Line Software Assessment will analyze your existing software technologies, workflow, and desired future state to deliver recommendations related to your software solutions that will enable your organization to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Software Assessments Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Steps of a Software assessment

Business Case – Black Line initiates all assessment efforts with a thorough understanding of “why we are doing this”. Understanding the “why” ensure we match your expectations.

Discovery – During this phase, our team will identify, research and review all the appropriate systems and the associated documentation. We take a deep dive into your existing software platforms and applications to assess key elements such as:

  • Functionality — How well does the software’s functions align with your business’s needs?
  • Usability — Is this application easy to use, and does it help facilitate your employees’ work?
  • Security — Does the platform offer sufficient security measures to prevent data breaches and other cybersecurity issues?
  • Performance — Will your software perform as expected even under high-stress periods or within a different network environment?
  • Compatibility — Is this software just as effective across various devices, operating systems, etc.?
  • Quality — Is the platform based on quality source code, or are there flaws lurking within it that could cause problems for your business?

Analysis – Based on all the information found during the discovery phase, BlackLine uncovers potential risk for each of the foundational technologies, business processes or management disciplines based on your needs.

Recommendations – Once we have conducted your full IT assessments, our experts will work closely with you to find the best software fit based on your risk profile, budgets and other considerations.

Implementation — After we determine the best course of action for you, our experts will remain by your side to assist in implementing the plan to ensure the best integrations and overall results.

With the help of our software assessment services, businesses like yours can ensure their technology is delivering all the features and functionality they expect. To learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us today.