A career for those who
want to work hard and play hard.

At Black Line IT, you matter. We are committed to making sure that you are growing, engaged and fulfilled.

Here are the things that are important to us and why Black Line might be the right place for you

Career Progression

We hope youʼre here for your entire career. But even if youʼre not, weʼll make sure youʼre prepared for whatʼs next with real training and real responsibilities.

Being a Part of Something Bigger

Being the Best Place to Work is our company’s #1 goal, followed by being the Gold Standard for IT services in the small to midsize market. Together, we strive towards these objectives and are continuously looking for ways to make ourselves better and to make a bigger impact.

We Care About Your Work-Life Balance

It’s right there in our team-focused core values: “Happy to Come to Work” and “Happy to Leave.” This means we understand you have a life outside of work and want you to live it! This job can be tough; we recognize and reward the hard work that gets put in by our team, and encourage this balance to meet your wants and needs.

Compensation and Benefits

Many people live to work, but we’d rather you live to live. We will evaluate a fair compensation package, benefits, and other perks that will help you do it. Not just when you’re initially being onboarded, but we will continue to evaluate this throughout your career journey here at Black Line.

A Focus on the Right Culture

Every company has a culture, but it doesn’t mean that culture is a good one. Our top priority is on our team, so we’ll have company-sponsored outings and encourage a fun atmosphere, but just as importantly, we regularly solicit feedback so if there’s a gap in engagement or satisfaction, we want to know it so we can actively work together to implement change.

Are you happy, hungry and humble?

Our Team-focused Core Values

Our core values help define who we are and how we approach our jobs every day. They remind us to be approachable and collaborative but also interested in doing what’s best.

Let’s think about your career differently

You want to advance your career but work with a team that has your back. You want to learn the skills you need to grow, but enjoy doing it. Thatʼs what youʼll get when you join the Black Line IT team

We moved locations. It takes a lot of planning and IT strategy … and then, the thing we appreciated the most is, one Saturday night at 5:00, they were there to move [the server]. We didn’t miss a beat of business, not a beat.”

Thad Gentry
Director of Marketing
United Auto Insurance

Our entire staff located in multiple locations are all raving about the excellent support from Black Line IT. Black Line IT has made our frustrations with IT a thing of the past.”

Colleen Wronski
Director of Finance and Administration
SamaraCare Consulting

They have been able to scale us up to the number of employees we have, and yet still be conscious of how much we are spending.”

Shelly McClaskey
American Alliance Casualty Company

I've been consistently impressed with the team at Black Line. Even when I had the brilliant idea of deleting my entire website, without realizing that (of course) that would mean I no longer have email. Solved same day, as are most of the requests we have for their team. ”

James Voigt
Voigt Business Law

Blackline provides great service and is fairly priced...always professional, courteous and responsive to our needs. Blackline was always available to troubleshoot any IT problems that may arise for us. As a business owner, I highly recommend them as valuable partner for your IT services.”

Mike Santoro
Restore Construction

We went with Blackline to upgrade and streamline our IT so we could focus on our core business. We are a fairly new client - the set up was very straightforward and smooth and the service has been excellent.”

Brian Davis
Home Helpers Homecare

Nothing but good things to say about this company! Professional, courteous, pleasant, communicative, skilled, etc. The list goes on and on! Keep up the great work everyone!”

Jonathan Fiala
VP of Operations
Next Day Plus

Our Team is Only One Great Benefit

We have great people and a caring, inclusive culture. We also want to make sure our team members are well-taken care of and happy to come to work each day. Thatʼs why we include a slew of terrific benefits, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Paid vacations
  • 401K/Profit sharing
  • Flexible schedules
  • Various monthly expense reimbursements
  • Dedicated time for training and R&D
  • Annual company outings and team events

Are you ready to experience IT differently?

Let’s get started by understanding your business’s needs.

We start with a conversation to deeply understand your wants and needs. Only by truly diving into discovery can we uncover the best solutions.