Software Maintenance

Keeping track of your Software Systems and Technologies prevents long term complications.

Technological Advances to Operating Systems, Structural Frameworks, and 3rd Party Libraries & Integrations is a common occurrence today. The rapid changes and evolution to your underlying systems working in the background merits a support maintenance that can easily keep up and flexible enough to adapt.

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Software Maintenance Services

Black Line IT provides high-level upkeep monitoring and maintenance to your internal and 3rd party systems to keep everything running, optimal, and ready for daily server and client sided operations. Our expertise and capabilities make us the top choice in Illinois for software maintenance services to enhance your business.

Challenges of Software Maintenance

Attempting to stay on top of your software system maintenance responsibilities without expert help can become overwhelming. The complexity of these platforms means you can run into numerous issues, including:

  • Instability: The longer minor issues in your software go unresolved, the greater the odds they will become unstable. When we develop a software maintenance program for you, our experts will prevent this from toppling your technology stack.
  • Incompatibility: Without proper care and attention, applications can begin to drift away from each other, resulting in systems that were once meshed becoming incompatible. Our software maintenance support ensures your platforms are always up to date.
  • Inattention: As technologies evolve, it’s critical to keep up with all the latest upgrades to your systems. As your software maintenance company, you can depend on us to keep a watchful eye out for what you need.
  • Inadequacy: Many times, the reason companies fail to keep up with the competition comes down to outdated legacy systems that don’t offer the right functionality. We make sure your software is always delivering value for you.
  • Insecurity: Cybersecurity gaps, no matter how small, can be exploited to cost your company a lot. Trust us to create a software maintenance and support plan that addresses the security of your systems and protects your data.

Software & Mobile App Maintenance

Similar to conducting routine upkeep on a car or home, software and mobile applications require maintenance to remain updated, patched, secured and future-proofed. The various underlying toolsets and technologies of your software systems change at a high velocity, so Black Line’s software maintenance services will keep your system’s performance levels up-to-speed and ensure its longevity for continued value-add to your organization.

Application Monitoring

Software Proactive Support: After working with us to build and support your software, we can perform regular monitoring to review the critical components of your business application to ensure operational effectiveness. If there is evidence of potential failures, we can address them with urgency and proactivity to mitigate the risk of having failed patches, unresponsive data access, or most importantly, downtime.

Database Platform Monitoring & Maintenance

Black Line will perform regular review of your application databases to analyze results and define action plan for addressing issues. By monitoring the specific services required by a database server to function properly, we can address potential issues with urgency and proactivity to mitigate the risk of having failed patches, unresponsive data access, or most importantly, downtime.

Software Maintenance Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Focus your worries and attention on the business side, we’ll take care of the rest

As the leaders in Illinois for software maintenance services, Black Line IT delivers full-scale preventative support that ensures your system structure and methodologies stays up to date and fully operational. Our Support includes

  • System Monitoring & Evaluations — Our experts will keep you in the loop as to how well your current setup is meeting your needs.
  • Software Cross Browser/Platform Compatibility — We provide software maintenance tools and support to ensure a seamless experience no matter how your teams access your systems.
  • Security Updates — Watching out for threats to your system requires expertise and a full-time commitment, both of which we are prepared to deliver for you.
  • .NET Upkeep — We make certain that the underlying framework supporting your software platforms is kept in good shape and free from issues that can impact performance.
  • 3rd-party patches, upgrades, and support — Compatibility across multiple platforms is critical for smooth operation, and this is only possible when you make sure your systems are kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Database Maintenance — We have the knowledge and skill necessary to keep your database organized and delivering all the proper performance.
  • Modeling and Development Tools — As part of the software maintenance plan we create for you, our team will utilize state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the absolute best results.
  • Traditional and Graphic Design Tools — Let us help you improve the UI/UX of your software platforms with the right look.