IT Support Services

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Proper technology tools and infrastructures play a large role in the growth and stability of any company.

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IT Support Services

We understand that every company has unique needs; Black Line IT will match your technology needs with the appropriate level of support. Responsiveness and experience are important to our clients and are important to Black Line, and that’s what you’ll receive with us as your IT support company. We understand the many directions companies get pulled in and strive to anticipate our client’s needs from Bluetooth mouse not working up to rebuilding the entire infrastructure.

We are your most comprehensive source for IT support in Illinois. Our IT support technicians are available to help with technology issues large and small. From the most complex server infrastructure setups to keeping your employees connected to Wi-Fi, you can count on us to deliver the expertise needed to resolve your concerns as quickly and effectively as possible. With professional IT support from Black Line, you can stop worrying about unexpected outages or configuration problems putting a damper on your company’s productivity.

We take a collaborative approach to our IT support services and preventative IT maintenance. That means we won’t try to sell you a bundle of one-size-fits-all solutions. We sit down and really listen to your needs and requirements, creating a solution that will fit your specific needs as closely as we can.

Our IT support specialists won’t bombard you with jargon and technobabble, but deliver expertise in the way that matches your understanding of the technology so you’ll always know what’s happening with your systems. From resolving immediate emergencies to keeping you ready for long-term success, there’s no better way to stay on top of your tech than choosing Black Line IT.

End User Support

Black Line’s end-user support services are provided when technology issues present themselves during day-to-day tasks. Your business needs qualified professionals to be the first in line when technical problems arise to help your people to stay productive and your business up and running. Requiring both technical and interpersonal skills, our end-user support engineers play a fundamental role in your IT experience.

Server Support

Servers are the lifeline of any business. They are where and how your data is stored, accessed, and moved. Servers (and their operating systems) control, or manage, the numerous systems necessary to fuel the modern organization. Ensuring these technologies are properly supported is critical to having the necessary data available to serve your organization’s needs.

Network Support

A network consists of all the digital aspects that your organization uses to process, store, and share information, as well as provide services and perform work. Having proper network support ensures that all infrastructure systems can send and receive data both inside and outside your organization.

Storage Device Support

Whether your data is stored on-premises, virtually, or in the cloud you need a team capable of supporting your storage technology to ensure its viability and reliability. Whither its optimizing your storage to keep pace with growth, avoid failure or protect it from unforeseen problems, you can expect to have the data you need, when you need it most. Always.

Virtualization Support

Just as critical maintaining physical infrastructure, virtual systems (workstations or servers) require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure stability, responsiveness, and reduce risks. As part of our Server Support solutions, Black Line engineers are trained on supporting and maintaining your organization’s virtual systems. If your environment is not virtualized, Black Line will help evaluate whether doing so would be beneficial, as it may lead to cost savings and added efficiencies.

Cloud Support

Although cloud-based systems have a natural level of automation, they still require regular monitoring and verification to ensure stability, responsiveness, and reduce risks. As part of our Server Support solutions, Black Line engineers are trained on supporting and maintaining your organizations cloud systems. If your environment is not cloud-based, Black Line will help evaluate whether migrating to a cloud solution would benefit your environment, as it may lead to cost savings and added efficiencies.

Cloud Solution Hosting

With the vast number of cloud solutions available for Infrastructure, Software and Digital Marketing systems & services, it’s Black Line’s job to help evaluate your businesses’ needs and align a solution appropriately. Upon architecting your cloud solution, we will provide ongoing cloud management and support geared towards reducing your risk of data loss, and bringing your organization stability, redundancy, and ensuring high performance levels.

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Technology will slowly deteriorate and fail if left unattended.

Black Line IT ensures technology is performing at it’s optimum level 24/7.

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