IT Assessment

IT Infrastructure: Built for Now, and Later.

Ransoms, forced downtime, data breaches, are unfortunate results of a weak or mismatched IT infrastructure.

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IT Assessment Services

The only constant is change, and that is true for the technology and cyber landscape. With over 60% of businesses having a cyberattack in 2021 there is no sign of threats decreasing. But with the right knowledge of vulnerabilities companies can protect themselves. Blackline’s customized assessment will expose weaknesses, and provide a plan with detailed actionable steps.

The assessment is a deep analysis:

Data breach protocols
Account compromises
Company takeover ransom vulnerability
Software optimization
Technology scalability

We understand lifting up the hood is scary, but the unforeseen outcomes are scarier. We aren’t here to shame you. We are here to be partners and to work with you to set you up for the best future possible.

Start on Your IT Assessment

When was the last time you ran an audit on all the technology that your business needs to operate?

If you’re reading this, you most likely are exploring or reevaluating your current IT management and support. Misalignment between an organization’s goals and its current IT infrastructure is a common problem in today’s business landscape. Whether you feel underserved, facing security risks, or are unable to scale for growth, we’re here to change that; but in order to do so, we need to take a look under the hood.

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  1. Schedule a call- For technical and non-technical leaders, we want to understand your main concerns in your own words
  2. In-depth discovery- We leave no stone unturned
  3. Prepare a customized plan- Recommendations and next steps based on the highest standards
  4. Build a better business- The business is now full protected, so you can be fully productive