Cyber Security

Keep your business protected and secure

Small businesses are most likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. Why? Small businesses are more likely to have a lack of security depth and controls.

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Cyber Security Services

As larger companies become more savvy about the security decisions, hackers are finding small to medium-sized businesses an unfortunate easy target. We understand them and more importantly we understand you. Adding cyber security to a list of the many things a smaller business has to juggle is a bit daunting. BlackLine will evaluate your exposure and recommend options to you based on your comfort and needs.

Security Support

How are your cybersecurity measures currently being supported? Black Line provides proactive, responsive, and timely support for your security technologies when you need it most. With our team of knowledgeable engineers, your organization will have the access to all the resources needed to properly mitigate cybersecurity risks and threats that may arise.

Data Protection Support

Whether it’s keeping your data protected from a cyber-attack or an unexpected disaster, our data protection services has you covered in the worst-case scenarios. Have peace of mind your data is properly managed, secured, backed up, and recoverable if unwarranted circumstances occur.

Security Awareness

Prepare your employees and organization as a whole to fend of cybersecurity threats with Black Line’s Security Awareness Training platform. Whether learning how to identify a phishing attempt or keeping sensitive data secure, your team will receive training on a variety of security awareness topics with assignments that are engaging and memorable, along with regular phishing simulations, compliance reports, and up-to-date content.

System Check

How often are your servers, network, and other business-critical systems (including hardware) being proactively checked in case of a problem? Black Line’s engineers will run manual, monthly checks on these systems to evaluate their general health and identify any deficiencies before they become an issue.

Alert System Check

Monitoring systems are only useful if they are actually being reviewed and acted on when alerts go off. Are your alert systems being checked daily by your current IT support? Every day, Black Line’s team of dedicated proactive engineers check our client’s monitoring platforms to ensure their technologies are operating as designed and intended. This process ensures that alerts are being reviewed and addressed before they impact your business.

Infrastructure Maintenance

An organization’s IT infrastructure is it’s foundation, which is why performing regular infrastructure maintenance is critical to keeping your business up and running. Whether it’s conducting performance reviews, verifications of security patches, updates, or investigating errors or warnings, we are here to ensure any gaps are proactively identified and taken care of to keep that foundation solid, and your business uninterrupted.

Client Policy & Procedures

Do you currently have thorough documentation of all your IT processes and procedures? Working with us means you’ll be provided with the proper documentation of policies and best practices so your organization is prepared and running by industry standards. You’ll never have to scramble to find the right information, configurations, or credentials, again. All while your documentation is digitized, accessible and secure.

Cyber Security Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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Small business are at a higher risk for:

Virus infections

Phishing attacks and social engineering


Password vulnerability and insufficient credential management

Lack of multi-factor authentication

Insider threats