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When the health and wellbeing of patients are on the line, healthcare providers need to know they can count on their information technology. Black Line IT provides comprehensive managed IT for healthcare in Illinois so hospitals, clinics and more can have what they need when they need it.

We understand the importance of HIPAA compliance as well as the need to protect electronic medical records and other sensitive patient data, meaning our healthcare IT solutions are tailored to your needs.

Benefits of IT Support for Healthcare Providers

When you choose managed medical IT services from our experienced providers, your organization gains numerous benefits. For example, you can feel confident knowing that we will do everything necessary to help ensure your systems are fully complaint with HIPAA.

You’ll also experience increased reliability thanks to expert maintenance and support. With our expertise in information technology for healthcare by your side, we also help you save money by preventing downtime and providing you with maximum efficiency.

How Our Healthcare IT Experts Can Help Your Organization

The healthcare industry has become increasingly reliant on technology to streamline care and provide better outcomes for patients. However, this dependance has opened the door to a new host of risks in the form of data breaches, network outages and other concerns.

Having our medical IT support working behind the scenes is critical for disaster recovery and business continuity. As one of the leading health IT companies, we secure your systems so they continue to run at all times. We also provide backup to get you back online as soon as possible when the unexpected occurs.

Healthcare IT Services by Black Line IT

We stand as one of the leading healthcare IT consulting firms thanks to our vast expertise and collaborative approach. When you choose to work with us as your healthcare IT provider, we can provide:


Protecting patients’ medical records is of the utmost importance. We provide you with the most robust security measures for your network.

Preventative IT Maintenance

Unexpected outages can be avoided in most cases. Our expert technicians will keep your healthcare IT systems running smoothly.

IT Assessment Services

Knowing the risks your infrastructure faces is critical because lives may depend on it. Our healthcare IT consulting services include a deep dive into your existing setup.

IT Improvement Services

We can help upgrade your IT so it meets all your needs in the most efficient and effective manner. Our experts will oversee the entire improvement project, so you can focus on caring for patients.

IT Help Desk Services

We have a dedicated team of engineers on-call at all times to answer any pressing questions you may have or just talk you through a difficult process. We’ll also work with your tech vendors on your behalf to find resolutions to your problems.

IT Asset Management Services

Our proactive, collaborative approach means we can match you with the right technology at a price you can afford. Let us worry about sourcing all the disparate elements of your IT infrastructure.

IT Documentation & Procedures Services

Let us train your staff in the best practices for using your technology. We also provide expertise in documentation to keep everyone on the same page.

Technical Consulting & Recommendations

We have the know-how to develop a winning strategy for your organization. Our healthcare IT consulting will guide you in the right direction.

Why Should You Work With Black Line IT?

We don’t believe in forcing clients to accept a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that each healthcare organization is different, with unique requirements and challenges. Our health IT solutions are built on getting to know your situation on a deeper level so we can provide the ideal services.

Our expertise in compliance is critical when it comes to HIPAA, making us the top choice when it comes to IT for healthcare in Illinois. To learn more about what makes us one of the best healthcare IT companies, get in touch today.

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Technology will slowly deteriorate and fail if left unattended.

Black Line IT ensures technology is performing at it’s optimum level 24/7.

We help:

Reduced hassle
Increased user productivity
Increased technical stability
Responsive and reliable support