Technical Resources

Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Regular, systematic (daily/weekly/monthly/etc) review of infrs technologies for the purpose of maintaining and applying best practices. Verifying, analyzing and ensuring expected functionality.
    • Checking against best practices
    • Investigating errors/warnings
    • Identify gaps
    • Proactive remediation
    • Performance review
    • Testing
    • Monitoring
  • Proactive = Review & Analyze
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Proactive maintenance of networking components following industry and Black Line best practice
  • Maintain, patch, update and keep current:
    • Triggered by Checking efforts (system check, alert check, site check, backup check)
    • Triggered by manufacturer security events or guidance
    • Triggered by hardware needs (BIOS updates)
    • Prioritized based on the risk associated to each technology
    • Maintenance is coordinated to match the Client’s business and its need for availability
    • Network
      • Routers/Switches
      • Internet/Telecommunications/Redundancy
      • Firewalls and Security Devices
      • Wireless Network
    • Security
    • Data
    • Hardware/Firmware/Software
    • Workstations/Laptops: End user computing equipment maintenance
    • Mobile Devices: Maintenance of End user personal communication devices, tablets and phones
    • Peripherals: Maintenance of printers, scanners, and other multi-function devices
Service Group
  • Infrastructure Proactive
Technical Value Propositions
  • Maintenance
Black Line Value Propositions
  • Access
  • Compliance
  • Organizational Stability
  • Relationship
  • Risk Reduction
  • Strategic
  • Technical Stability

Why does this matter for your business?

  • Protection of IT Environment
    • Reduce risk of downtime
      • Unplanned downtime
  • Security/firewall
  • Out-of-date = vulnerable
  • Unauthorized activity
  • Anticipation for upgrades / potential pitfalls
  • Performance lapse prevention & anticipation

What value does this add to your business?

  • Data Protection
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Capacity / Scalability
  • Performance
  • Redundancy
  • Business Continuity
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Productivity
  • Accessibility

What common problems does this solve for your business?

  • Unplanned downtime
  • Emergency Costs
  • Performance Issues
  • Data Accessibility
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Data Loss
  • Security
    • Breaches
    • Lack of
  • Limitations to Scale
  • Configurability
    • Adaptable to changing business needs
  • Productivity
    • End User negative impact
    • Hardware lapsed maintenance -> impacts employee productivity

Why do you need a solution?

  • Inherit value and understanding of maintenance
    • Don’t need to explain car/truck/house/etc upkeep
  • Longevity
    • Get the most out of your tech
  • Predictability
    • Less interruption to business
    • Cost Efficiency
    • Avoiding emergency cost
  • Dependability

What can you and your business expect from this service?

Business Leaders can expect:
  • Made aware of technologies needing action
  • What needs to be done/what will be done will not be a mystery
  • Monthly communication of systems state
    • Understanding of health of systems
  • Expect highest level of best-practice standards
  • Recommendations of improvements
    • Status of recommendations & efforts
  • Technologies to be as secure as possible
  • Systems to be stable
  • Maintenance/updates planned around business activities
    • Minimize downtime and business interruptions
End Users can expect:
  • High level of productivity
  • Up to date productivity business software
  • Accessibility to corporate resources
  • Hardware devices up-to-date
  • Technologies will perform at optimal level
  • Technologies available when needed
  • Maintenance/updates planned around business activities
    • Minimize downtime and business interruptions

How does Black Line do it better?

  • BL has the business process designed to ensure these services get done
    • Dedicated Engineers just for maintenance
    • Competition usually not structured for proactive services/ only responsive, they dont dedicate engineers just for this job
  • BL is transparent (regular reports):
    • In what we do
    • In execution
  • BL plans interruptive maintenance to avoid business downtime

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