Black Line’s Software Integration Services can connect two or more systems together and provide automated ways to work with multiple systems.  Software Integration is a very common as more businesses use multiple software systems to address changing business challenges.db-integrate

  • Data Synchronization: Data from one system is needed in another system to prevent double data entry or inaccurate repositories
  • Central Repositories: Consolidate data from multiple locations into one repository.  Commonly used for Business Intelligence or decision support reasons.
  • Transaction Processing: When companies implement “best-of-breed”, or best niche system, often transactions from one system are needed in another system. Software Integration allows the business to eliminate manual, or cumbersome, processes that are prone to error or has a large volume of transactions.
  • Legacy System Integration: At times, legacy applications have technologies that are outdated, no longer supported or use non-standard technologies.  In these situations, Software Integration builds “bridges” to these data stores and gain access to the information needed.
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