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The Help Desk is the first line of defense when responding to IT support requests, IT questions, problems and coordinating technical assistance within Black Line or with third-party vendors.  The Black Line Help Desk Team does the following so your team can stay productive:

  • Triage IT requests
  • Identifying appropriate Engineers to assign
  • Coordinating of resources with Black Line Engineer or coordinate with Third Party Vendors
  • Managing the response internally and with the Client
  • Verifying task completion
  • Ensure Black Line quality standards are maintained and completed within timeframe established in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Client is communicated with throughout the process

Live Customer Service personnel are available Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Central Time for phone-in, or Chat, support requests. E-mail ticket creation, Self-service ticket creation through Black Line software agents loaded on user’s machines.  Support is also available  on the weekend, after-hours and emergency through our support line.


Service Group
    Technical Value Propositions
    • Operations
    Black Line Value Propositions
    • Decreased Hassles
    • Operational
    • Organized
    • Productivity
    • Reduced Effort
    • Relationship
    • Responsiveness
    • Time Savings
    • Transparency

    Why does this matter for your business?

    Having a dedicated (and centralized) response team that works in between Clients and Engineers is critical for operational effectiveness. The Help Desk Team is mostly an administrative function and reduces the amount of non-technical tasks engineers are required to complete in any given day. This allows engineers to focus on solving technical related items, which they are most skilled at, and allow the Operations Team to ensure back office processes are completed properly. Ops Team also matches the IT request to the appropriate trained, skilled and knowledgeable Engineer

    What value does this add to your business?

    • Maintain productivity
    • Responsive
    • Reduced effort
    • Time savings
    • Decreased Hassles
    • Organized, thorough
    • Transparent

    What common problems does this solve for your business?

    Delays in getting IT support/solutions, unorganized response, not knowing request status, being disrespected, Engineer with mismatched skills elongating solutions, IT frustration

    Why do you need a solution?

    In order for an organization to maximize its operational effectiveness it needs Information Technology to be operating as intended. Black Line’s Help Desk goal is to rapidly address IT issues so an Organization can rely on technology to get the job done. In addition, having a centralized method to submit, track, manage, and coordinate IT requests ensures the most rapid and effective solution possible. A central Help Desk provides visibility to all IT requests being serviced by the Black Line Engineering Team, what Engineers are available, and match the request to the appropriate skilled Engineer

    What can you and your business expect from this service?

    Business Leaders can expect:
    • Rapid response to IT issues that are impacting the productivity of their employees in an organized, thorough, quality and cost effective manner. Black Line will coordinate resources within Black Line, Third-party vendors and the Client itself to achieve operational effectiveness
    End Users can expect:
    • Easy creation of IT requests, notifications of request status, communication on progress, accurate documentation of work performed. They can expect caring, considerate, respectful, patient and kind Engineers to help you not shame you

    How does Black Line do it better?

    Black Line’s key differentiator is that we genuinely care about the people we are serving and the impact that IT issues have on their life. People need IT to operate effectively so they can get their job done and it is very frustrating when technology doesnt cooperate. Black Line’s Engineers not only solve technical issues but they apply the appropriate amount of urgency to match the needs of the people impacted.

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