Software SLA Priority Matrix

Priority Possible Issue Response Time Resolution Time
Critical systems with a direct impact on production are down. No workarounds are immediately available. Examples:
Website / System down, Hard error in critical business process, corrupted data is preventing operations, major software systems down.
Engineering staff responds immediately, or within 2 hours. Resolution ASAP, or within 8 hours.
Single- or group-user system interruption. The impact of the user/group hinders normal production. No or limited workarounds are available. Examples:
User/group specific software failure or hard error. Limited or very difficult workaround available. Continued interruption will move to critical.
Engineering staff responds within 4 hours. Resolution within 3 business days.
Single- or group-user interruptions in normal business activities. Issues impact productivity, but a viable, though less efficient workaround is available. Examples:
system slow but functioning. Very specific error difficult to repeat/non-repeatable. Inaccurate reporting data. Issue limits one or very small user group.
Engineering staff responds within 8 hours, or one official business day. Resolution within 4 business days.
Single-user issue does not hinder production or general operation. Examples:
Annoying error messages, false positives, user training issues, Occasional error messages, local hardware slowness, enhancement requests.
Engineering staff responds within 16 hours, or two official business days. Resolution within 5 business days.