Software Development Process

Developed over 20 years of successful IT projects, Black Line has developed its own process to ensure the quality and completeness of all its solutions.  See: Software Development Lifecycle

  • Initial Project Planning: We take care to ensure we have an understanding of what your company really needs.  The initial planning will allow us to understand your business goals and define a business case prior to starting anything.
  • The Kick Off: At this phase, we’ll identify the core project team.  Through careful evaluation of the project’s goals, project milestones will be set and monitored.
  • Project Management and Execution: After meeting with key stakeholders, we will establish a system designed to meet the requirements of all involved. Through task driven team planning, change management and on-going testing, your project will receive the utmost of care from our engineers and technology specialists.
  • The Implementation:  Prior to implementation, our staff will test the finished system against your requirements to ensure our solutions will actually meet the defined business needs.
  • Roll-Out: During the project roll-out, we are committed to ensuring that your team isn’t bogged down with frustrations.  As we move the system into production, we will address training issues as needed and provide the highest level of support to ensure things run smoothly and seamlessly for your staff.

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