Custom Software Development

Businesses have unique processes, data needs and best practices; which is not easily found in off-the-shelf software packages. Black Line Consulting’s Custom Software Development tailors systems for your unique needs providing a system to match your competitive advantage.

  • Black Line Instant Application: Black Line has developed a proprietary method for developing fully functional applications within days not weeks or months.  Our Instant Applications are best suited for spreadsheet, Access or paper-based systems that need the speed and flexibility of a true database.
  • Web application development: Software systems that are accessed through the web on any device through common browser technologies.
  • Android™ app development: Software systems built  for Android™ mobile platforms.
  • iOS™ app development: Software systems built  for Apple™ iOS mobile platforms.
  • Website development: Website for marketing focused content
  • Business Intelligence/Dashboards: Collect, compile and present business data for analysis and isolate your business’s key performance indicators.
  • Windows application development: Traditional software systems accessed from a PC
  • Legacy system conversion: Convert an effective legacy system to modern technologies and extend its useful life.
  • AGILE Methodology: Black Line utilizes industry best practices for rapid design and development of custom developed systems to meet the rapid changes required by the modern business.

What does Black Line IT mean
It’s the blinking vertical cursor |

It means your IT systems are up, available, and ready for business.
It means we’re standing by, eager to help. It means you’re with a company that looks at things differently.