Inspired by the ambitious goals, and pioneering use of technology, systems and teamwork which fueled the first moon landing, Black Line IT provides decades of comprehensive technology leadership, responsiveness, and custom solutions. We are listeners, doers, and valued partners…ready to be your IT Mission Control.

What does Black | Line mean?
It’s the blinking vertical cursor “|”

An indication your IT systems are up, available, and ready for business.

What does Black | Line mean?
It’s the blinking vertical cursor “|”

An indication your IT systems are up, available, and ready for business.

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What Our Clients Say

Black Line IT is one of the best hidden gems in Chicago’s IT community. Excellent communication, planning, and successful execution, across a myriad of different projects and platforms puts Black Line as my first stop with any new or existing project.
Aaron G., Chief Technology Officer, Strategic Digital Signage

Their programmers are easy to talk to and they are always available to chat. High quality work at a fair price.

Reac C.

Outstanding, fair priced, very interactive and integrative. I would NEVER go anywhere else for my IT needs if I didn’t have to. I’ve worked with them for at least 10 years now and they are nonpareil. They have repeatedly saved my bacon for the company and improved the technology over and over again.

Will V.

Have worked with Black Line with multiple companies. Extremely professional and provide excellent service. They run the IT support for my organization. I can always count on Black Line responding quickly to whatever IT support our team needs. What took hours with waiting for a response from the previous IT support company is down to minutes and can usually be resolved in 5-10 minutes. My team is amazed at the hands on our account gets and love working with our IT support person at Black Line.

M Clark
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Our Network Services Plans

Our plans are 100% customized and can combine elements of all of the below plans to meet your business needs.


Best For... - Limited Users
- Lower IT Reliance
- Infrequent IT Support

  • Help Desk
  • Rapid Response Team
  • Asset Management
  • System Standardization
  • Security


Best For... - Higher IT Reliance
- Semi-Frequent IT Support
- Predictable Budget Needs

Starter &...
  • Predictable Cost
  • Designated Engineer
  • Custom Service Level


Best For... - Critical Reliance
- Larger User Base
- Strategic Governance

Enterprise &...
  • IT Governance
  • IT Policy & Procedure
  • Unlimited Support

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Our plans are 100% customized. Contact us for pricing, we promise it will be affordable!

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