Are you ready to go to the Moon with us?


aunched in 2017, our Moonshot initiative is an aggressive refocus of Black Line, its leadership, the products, the services, and the way in which we serve our clients. This initiative will leverage the best components of over 25 years of experience, shed ineffective components and build new capabilities to reach much higher goals.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Not only do we know technology, we love technology, and when people are
passionate about what they do,
great things can happen.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

We are constantly raising Black Line’s organizational culture to set the standard for how team members are recruited, trained, mentored, developed, challenged, and rewarded. We want to be innovative, forward-thinking and dedicated to the success of all our team members. People want to do valuable work and be valued, to be part of something greater than themselves and participate to the best of their abilities.

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Our History

Our History

Our Mission

“Transforming Lives through Digital Technology”

Intensify, increase or further improve the quality from a current state.  Producing anything that is enhancing to the world and gives purpose to our work.  We care enough to understand other’s perspective to align our efforts with their need.

Lives can be anyone; our clients, team members, business partners, vendors, shareholders, our communities, families and friends. Client’s lives will be better because we saved them money, helped them operate better, improved the quality of life for them and THEIR employees.  Our Team Members will be taken care of like family, making their lives better by providing opportunities to learn, grow and do valuable work.

Encapsulates all that we do, and can do, in this rapidly evolving and complex arena.  There are numerous layers of digital technology each interconnected to the others.  To enhance the lives of others we must be experts in digital technologies to be ready to solve the world’s problems.

Our Values

Every team member looks forward to the day, to doing their job, enjoys relationships with other team members and enjoys the tasks called to do.  Work is not a chore but an opportunity for doing something unique and finding satisfaction in a day well spent.  Even when some work is not enjoyable we attack it with gusto anyway.

Work/life balance in action, looking forward to leaving work and rejoining our friends, family and community.  Re-engage with those people we care about and engage in those things that we enjoy most.  Ability to leave Black Line at the office and maintain control over your personal life and activities.

Engage the people around you in open and mutually beneficial ways, having pride in your work that translates into difference making solutions.  Spread the knowledge we have gained and seek better ways to do things and take steps to see those things happen.

Having a “student’s mind” as we eagerly look for opportunities to learn and grow in our profession and life.  Creative, inquisitive, experimental, always developing skills and learning with purpose.  Technology is always changing, and each team member understands their knowledge is not complete without openness and positivity.

Care about the team, care about the Client, care about Black Line. We work until completion, not leaving a job half-done, making sure the client is operational and team is not left vulnerable or having to carry the load of others.  We are leaders that “uplift” other Team Members influencing them in a positive and constructive ways.