Software Proactive Services will ensure your IT systems are available when you need them.  Black Line monitors and regularly reviews your systems to spot issues before they happen.

  • Software Maintenance:  Every system that Black Line develops comes with a software maintenance agreement to ensure your systems are always kept up-to-date with the latest tools, versions and capabilities.
  • Database maintenance: Regular cleaning, tuning and review of application databases
  • Database server monitoring: Monitoring of specific services required by a database server to function relic
  • Scheduled task management: Monitoring and notification of scheduled task execution
  • Application performance monitoring: Monitor critical components of business applications to ensure operational effectiveness
  • Integrated systems management: Monitor and notification for processes that integrate between systems.
  • Software system assessments: Evaluate, assess and provide recommendations for current software applications.
  • Web Hosting: Off-premise hosting for web-based systems or websites
  • Database hosting: Off-premise hosting of database systems
  • Big Data hosting: Off-premise hosting of big data repositories
  • Hosted Source Control: Centralized source management of custom built applications
  • Documentation: Black Line includes comprehensive documentation as part of each system it develops.  This documentation is critical to the on-going support of systems and helps provide a history of design .decisions made during development.
  • Support:  Black Line’s Software Support program is customized to meet the needs of your business and all the people using your custom system.
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