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Black Line has developed Project Management acumen to ensure the quality and completeness of all its solutions. Our Project Management philosophy contains the following:

  • Planning: Thorough planning is more than setting dates and deliverables, other dates important to our client (like busy periods, product launches or vacations) need to be considered when developing a plan.
  • Transparency: At Black Line we use electronic toolsets that provide real-time and transparent communication with our Clients, so you always know what we are working on.
  • Goal Setting: At the heart of any IT solution is what is to be accomplished and the importance to the business.
  • Expectation Management: We have found that every IT project has unique challenges and circumstances. As such, we ensure our Project Managers are clear to communicate what they can expect throughout the project. More importantly, clearly communicate if there is any deviation from the original plan.
  • Financial Oversight: There is nothing more stressful than for any sort of budget impact to an IT project. Our Project Managers are trained to spot, and address, any possible budgetary impacting items before they become a problem for you.
  • Communication: Our motto is “over-communication” with our Clients, especially if the first time around with Black Line. Over-communicating reduces misunderstandings, keeps projects moving and provides ample opportunities to question or adjust the process.
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    Technical Value Propositions
    • Operations
    Black Line Value Propositions
    • Acceptable Price
    • Architecture-Design
    • Commitment
    • Cultural Fit
    • Economic
    • Ethical
    • Expertise
    • Flexible-Creative
    • Operational
    • Organized
    • Relationship
    • Strategic
    • Transparency

    Why does this matter for your business?

    Engineers are great at executing tasks that are technical in nature, but the coordinating, planning and managing of projects require unique skills. Black Line’s values require that we do what we say, when we say it and at the agreed upon price. The project manager ensures our values are met and we maintain our good reputation in the process

    What value does this add to your business?

    • Organized
    • Transparent
    • Ethical
    • Expertise
    • Architecture

    What common problems does this solve for your business?

    Projects over budget, delayed completion, project quality issues, unplanned business interruption, unorganized projects leading to inefficiency, frustration, added effort, increased hassles

    Why do you need a solution?

    Clients need a single point of contact when projects are being conducted on their behalf. Projects are expensive, they represent an investment the business is making to better itself, and therefore the proper execution is critical to the business. Business Leaders are also well aware that projects not managed properly can be a terrible impact on the organization, force it to miss expectations, cause distress to the employees and generally cause chaos in an otherwise stable and smooth running operation.

    Therefore, having a proven PM process and team members skilled at executing it is critical to the success of both our Client and Black Line

    What can you and your business expect from this service?

    Business Leaders can expect:
    • Organized. Thorough, thoughtful, transparent, and expert execution of any project undertaken by Black Line personnel. The Business Leader can have confidence the Black Line team will accomplish the proposed project objectives, provide what has been promised and at the price that was agreed to.
    End Users can expect:
    • End users/employees can expect to be informed of changes, specific ways in how they will be impacted, clarity on roles and responsibilities. In short, their expectations related to the project and its direct impact on their job and any possible risks will be known ahead of time.

    How does Black Line do it better?

    The Black Line team fully understands the impact any IT project can have on an organization and is intentional about how projects are rolled out in our client’s organizations. So many of our competitors see IT projects as just technical tasks for their Engineers to complete and lose sight of the people that are ultimately affected by the change that is about to occur. Black Line focuses as much on the people impacted by technology as the technology itself

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