Technical Resources

Procurement and Asset Management

Comprehensive management of the procuring of IT hardware, software and associated technology solutions. Documentation of the business case, research/analysis of possible options, vendor sourcing options, proposal/quote creation, management of approvals, purchasing, vendor coordination, purchase issue resolution, receiving and asset documentation.

  • Accuracy that purchased technology matches requirements
  • Asset tagging and documentation

Centralizing all IT assets (hardware, software and subscriptions) used by each Client including capital, monthly, and annual purchases. Reminders of pending renewals and annual budget planning.

Asset Management Services

  • Hardware inventory management
  • Software license management
  • Renewal Management
  • Subscription management
  • Warranty management

Annual review of technology requests, recommendations for

improvements, alignment with business objectives and establish a technology budget.

Evaluate various technical solutions and project the associated initial and on‐going costs

Service Group
    Technical Value Propositions
    • Financial
    • Management
    Black Line Value Propositions
    • Acceptable Price
    • Economic
    • Operational
    • Organized

    Why does this matter for your business?

    The IT Services that Black Line provides is directly dependent on the quality of the IT related products and software solutions being implemented. Researching and souring the highest quality components increases the productivity of our Engineers, provides a stable solution to the Client, shifts the responsibility to Black Line to select the appropriate solution and streamlines the implementation because Black Line controls the entire process

    What value does this add to your business?

    • Simplify
    • Reduced Effort
    • Decreased Hassles
    • Responsive
    • Component Quality
    • Product Quality
    • Design
    • Acceptable Price

    What common problems does this solve for your business?

    • Hardware/software solutions improperly scoped and failing to address business need
    • Incorrectly purchased hardware/software solutions leading to lost time and money
    • Overpaying for IT solutions
    • Hardware/software out of warranty leading to delays
    • Subscriptions lapsing leading to loss of use of critical systems
    • Unplanned costs hitting the finances because they were not properly planned for

    Why do you need a solution?

    There is a very large number of possible IT hardware and software solutions available to our Clients, which ones match a Client’s specific needs is even harder to select. Often we see Business Leaders purchasing the wrong solutions, even with the best intentions, leading to lost dollars and even more frustration with solutions not accomplishing the intended objectives.

    In addition, once IT hardware, software or subscriptions are purchased; tracking these assets for warranty, renewals or maintenance is a difficult task and overlooked. Being overlooked leads to critical systems falling out of warranty, subscriptions not being renewed and unplanned costs hitting a businesses finances

    What can you and your business expect from this service?

    Business Leaders can expect:
    • Requests for hardware, software or solutions is rapidly handled to match the speed in which the organization and business leaders require. Leaders can expect the solutions to be appropriate for the requirements, cost effective, quickly turned around and the process fully managed and hands off.

      Business leaders can expect a complete inventory of all IT related assets to be maintained, accurate and available for planning and budgeting purposes. Also, support, maintenance and management processes will be more efficient as Black Line has access to all purchase information in one place

    End Users can expect:
    • Rapid response to purchasing needs, quality components for their particular job and reduced friction during support (as we have all necessary information already documented)

    How does Black Line do it better?

    Accurately and comprehensively managing IT purchase information is central to our IT Management processes, so IT Assets are always accurate and up-to-date. Most MSPs do not prioritize this business information nor include in their regular IT Management disciplines.

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