Technical Resources

Documentation, Policies, Standardization

Create, adjust and manage Client specific IT policies and procedures to control the way in which IT resources are governed, used and supported. A series of best practices to set expectations both with the Black Line Team and Client Representatives on IT usage. Aligned & customized policies and procedures – customized for your business practices

Black Line maintains documentation defining the various infrastructure components, systems, names, versions, and Client specific configuration options. Credential data (administrative logins) documented related to each system, centralized, audited and access controlled to only Engineers supporting a Client account

Standardizing Information Technologies is important to reduce costs and improve efficiencies within an organization. The less variation with technologies an organization implements reduces the technological complexity which, in turn, simplifies the process to install, configure and maintain.

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    Technical Value Propositions
    • Management
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    • Architecture-Design
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    Why does this matter for your business?

    Technical knowledge is at risk if locked in the intellect of an Engineer. Without thorough documentation it is very difficult to control support quality, compliance with IT best practices, reduce the risk of Engineers leaving BL with critical knowledge. Support efficiency and consistency is obtained through written agreements (policies) on how each Client’s environment is to be managed

    What value does this add to your business?

    • Organized
    • Responsiveness
    • Reduced Effort
    • Time Savings
    • Scalability

    What common problems does this solve for your business?

    • Support friction because technology implementations were not properly documented
    • Single source risk, critical information in the intellect of engineer
    • Support friction because information is incorrect
    • Client productivity impacted because standards are not followed (i.e new user)
    • Client security risks because security protocols were not followed

    Why do you need a solution?

    By having the IT function fully documented it significantly reduces organizational risk of having critical IT assets, and the rules to mange, locked in the intellect of Engineer(s). In addition, published, and agreed upon rules, provides accountability and transparency as to the operation of the critical IT function

    What can you and your business expect from this service?

    Business Leaders can expect:
    • The majority of the information needed to manage, support and maintain their Information Technology is digitized, accessible and secure
    End Users can expect:
    • Clear guidance and expectations related to IT Resource requests, support issues, responsibilities, procedures to follow and other topics that impact the use of an organization’s IT resources

    How does Black Line do it better?

    Documentation is often the least favorite task for IT Engineers to perform. Properly documenting IT systems, processes and policies is time-consuming and de-prioritized over support and projects. Black Line invests in non-Engineer resources to prioritize documentation as a critical best practice to best server our Clients.

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