Technical Resources

Storage Device Support

  • Support, maintenance, configuration of physical, virtual and cloud-based storage devices.
  • Review and analyze issues with hard drives
Service Group
  • Infrastructure Support
Technical Value Propositions
  • Data Protection
  • Redundancy
  • Stability
Black Line Value Propositions
  • Access
  • Availability
  • Risk Reduction
  • Strategic
  • Technical Stability

Why does this matter for your business?

Data storage solutions can be complex in their configuration, technologies they utilize, and level of expertise needed to support them. Data is at the heart of an organization’s operation and, combined with the health of the associated servers, its availability is critical to all related systems

What value does this add to your business?

Having skilled, experienced Engineers properly supporting storage devices equates to having data available when the needed. Properly supporting storage devices increases their longevity and reduces the amount of time needed to address issues as they arise

What common problems does this solve for your business?

Drive space issues, running out of space, disk corruption, drive failures, data availability, data corruption, data retrieval performance issues

Why do you need a solution?

Storage technologies are similar to most other infrastructure technologies, they require regular support to ensure their viability. The Black Line team addresses storage technology issues, or makes regular adjustments, to keep these technologies operating as intended.

What can you and your business expect from this service?

Business Leaders can expect:

Storage technologies are much more complex than end-user technologies. They require more training and experience so a Client can be confident that only skilled, trained, experienced Engineer’s will be supporting and managing these critical technologies.

Business Leaders can expect their storage devices to be ready for business, have appropriate work performed to maintain availability and be configured to provide the highest level of data protection

In addition, Business Leaders can expect enough data storage will keep pace with growth, accessible where needed and protected against unforeseen failures

End Users can expect:

End-users can expect available storage when working with their business systems. Drive space will be there when needed, adjusted to keep pace with growth and protected against failure. Including unforeseen issues like corruption and unintentional deletions

How does Black Line do it better?

Black Line utilizes advanced monitoring and trending solutions to anticipate disk space needs now and the future. Combined with other proactive services Black Line is regularly checking these systems to maintain the highest level of availability, data integrity and scalability

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