Technical Resources

Infrastructure Improvement

The Infrastructure Improvement is taking these recommendations and implementing project(s) including systems/tech and reconfiguration existing tech to establish best practice baseline

  • Taking action from Assessment data
  • Combo – project work & tech implementation
  • Fix and bring up to best practice
  • Conducting improvements under context of identified risks and needs
Service Group
  • Infrastructure Project
Technical Value Propositions
  • Architecture
  • Standards
Black Line Value Propositions
  • Access
  • Architecture-Design
  • Availability
  • Component Quality
  • Configurability
  • Flexible-Creative
  • Integration
  • Risk Reduction
  • Strategic
  • Technical Stability

Why does this matter for your business?

  • Addresses root cause issues and avoid band-aid solutions
  • Need to address primary tech and service objectives.
    • Need to fix known issues before proceeding, otherwise issues will become worse and unmanageable
  • We are taking action to address IT & Service needs of organization – based on Assessment.
  • Technical changes to enable and assist in Business operations – not just IT
  • Need to provide foundation to support systems now & into the future
  • Best practice now provides stability & efficiency for maintenance and improvement
  • We confirm improvements have positively impacted the business

What value does this add to your business?

  • Provides efficiency in the future for Black Line Support and enhancements
  • Business technology now aligned with business needs and goals
  • Changes identified proved as impacting the business positively
  • Cost-saving areas identified
  • Business need’s pitfalls identified and fixed

What common problems does this solve for your business?

  • Failing or out-dated hardware/software
  • Instability
  • Reoccurring problems
  • Lack of scaleability
  • Lack of safety/security
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Performance issues
  • Internet, file access, etc
  • Lack of technical alignment to business need

Why do you need a solution?

  • Rregardless of service provider – rate of innovation is high and IT are naturally interdependent and change rapidly.
    • This leads to rapid decay (phase/version out)
    • Need to continually be at best-practice
      • Otherwise large-scale adjustments will be needed
  • Maintenance
    • If IT tech is not maintained, it will decay rapidly and become useless
    • If kept up properly, it will last longer and work great

What can you and your business expect from this service?

Business Leaders can expect:
  • High level of interaction & communication & planning w/ client
  • Coordination of expectations of improvements
  • Planning of improvements, impacts, risks for project
    • Rollback and contingency planning
    • Planning around business schedule and activities
      • Avoiding down time & inconvenience as much as possible
        • ex: after hours/weekends
  • Expect accuracy w/ any purchasing needs (by BL or client)
    • outside of labor
  • Expect financial and timeline accuracy
    • Budget and time will be exact with fluctuations brought to client and approved first
  • There can/will be instability to occur
    • Modifying and updating infrastructure can cause potential workflow/business operations interruptions
    • Added controls
    • Added operations/etc
  • Can expect to see within 30-60 days benefits to infrastructure made by BL
  • Expect to see value adds as well
End Users can expect:
  • Training
  • Business process changes
  • Work flow changes

How does Black Line do it better?

  • We are intentional with limiting or aligning our efforts with the needs of the business **planning**
    • Improvements phased to align with business needs/budget/etc
    • A business still needs to conduct business – black line works around that
  • Expect financial and timeline accuracy
    • Budget and time will be exact with fluctuations brought to client and approved first
    • Hold true unless assumptions changed – these changes are brought to client and approved first
  • We will scope and propose the RIGHT HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SOLUTION
    • Business needs/size/budget/abilities are different and there isn’t a one-size fits all solution

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