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SAN – Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that provides block-level access to data storage. SANs are primarily used to enhance the performance and availability of storage resources, while also providing a level of data isolation and security.

A SAN typically consists of host servers, switches, storage arrays, and storage devices that are connected together using a variety of technologies, such as Fibre Channel or iSCSI. The SAN infrastructure provides a dedicated storage network, separate from the traditional network infrastructure, allowing for increased performance and scalability.

SANs are commonly used in environments where data storage and retrieval performance is critical, such as in databases, big data analytics, and video editing. SANs can also be used to consolidate storage resources and provide data backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

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Storage Devices
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What value does this add to my business?

What value does it bring to a business:

  • Improve storage performance and availability
  • Increase scalability of storage resources
  • Improve data isolation and security
  • Allow for consolidation of storage resources
  • Provide data backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Support mission-critical applications that require high I/O performance

What can I expect from this service?

What can a Business Owner expect from this product:

  • Improved storage performance and availability
  • Increased scalability of storage resources
  • Improved data security
  • Consolidated storage resources
  • Data backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Common problems in the business this service solves

What are the common problems this product solves in a business:

  • Difficulty in providing high-performance storage access
  • Difficulty/Inefficiency in managing and scaling storage resources
  • Risk associated with data isolation and security
  • Lack in consolidating storage resources
  • Efficient data backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Why is a solution needed?

Why is a solution like this needed?

  • The need for high-performance storage access is becoming increasingly important for many businesses
  • As the amount of data being stored increases, businesses need to have a way to scale their storage
  • Ability to efficiently leverage available storage across multiple servers
  • Reduce maintenance of storage devices by centralizing in to one SAN unit
  • Allows the creation of highly redundant storage devices (disks) significantly reducing the risk of data loss

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