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Graphus is an advanced email security solution with the primary function of protecting against phishing attacks and email-based threats. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze incoming emails and detect any suspicious or malicious content.

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What value does this add to my business?

Email phishing attempts occur every day and are a major threat to all businesses. Phishing emails being sent to employees are often disguised as messages coming from trusted individuals or institutions. These emails can be laced with ransomware or malware, or they may use tactics to trick employees into providing their credentials, thus granting cyber criminals unauthorized access to their business accounts and organization’s network. Such events could result in business email compromise, loss of money or data breaches, account takeovers, ransomware infections, or more. Graphus’s technology can help stop both known and zero-day threats that can severely impact your business.

What can I expect from this service?

When an email threat is identified by Graphus, an active warning banner called an EmployeeShield® is inserted in the email. This banner will provide a detailed message about the specific threat that is identified in the email. The message will vary depending on the exact threat that is being detected.

When Graphus identifies an email with malicious URLs or attachments, it will be auto quarantined and put into their Junk folder.

Graphus’s advanced technologies analyze your employees’ business relationships (who they work with, communicate to, etc.) to determine what is considered a “trusted profile”. It will scan all emails for suspicious irregularities in message content and attachments to compare them to the trusted profiles. It will learn from user interaction and feedback provided by the EmployeeShield® banner to grow smarter and better defend against new and emerging threats.

Common problems in the business this service solves

It significantly reduces the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, which are one of the most common and damaging cybersecurity threats faced by organizations today. By preventing employees from clicking on malicious links or providing sensitive information to attackers, Graphus helps safeguard sensitive data and prevents potential financial losses.

Why is a solution needed?

91% of cyber-attacks start with a phishing email. Standard email filters are unable to keep up as these phishing attacks become more sophisticated, so it is best practice for all businesses to have a tool like Graphus in place to help mitigate the risk of these phishing attempts being successful.

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