Software Support

With over 20 years of experience, Black Line’s Software Support Services are the perfect fit once your custom software solution is complete.  Your Software Support program is customized to meet the needs of your business and all the people using your custom system.   See: Software Support Lifecycle

  • DocumentationBlack Line comprehensively documents the details of each system it creates.  It is an industry fact that almost 80% of the cost of a system is incurred after it goes into production.
  • System Maintenance: Software Proactive Services will ensure your IT systems are available when you need them.  Black Line monitors and regularly reviews your systems to spot issues before they happen.
  • Responsive Support: The Black Line Help Desk ensures that if you need someone to talk to, and address a Software Support need, you will have a live person there to help.
  • Software Maintenance:  The various toolsets and technologies necessary for software development are continually adjusted, patched and upgraded to implementation, our staff will test the finished system against your requirements to ensure our solutions will actually meet the defined business needs.
  • Change Management: During When systems change, and all software systems do, Black Line’s Change Management methodology is a combination of policy, process and technologies to ensure there is no production interruption.

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