Black Line Mobile App Maintenance Program

Why Mobile App Maintenance is important: There are three primary components when it comes to maintaining your mobile application once it is built and released in the App Stores.

  • Please note, Black Line requires all customers with a mobile app developed by us to enroll in our Mobile App Maintenance Program.

What’s Involved:

  1. Black Line assumes the “Account Holder” role with Apple:
    • Once a mobile app is in Apple’s App store, Apple often releases prompts that must be acted on to keep the app updated and compliant. The failure to act on these prompts can prevent Black Line from performing the necessary app maintenance (see “steps 2 & 3” below, such as releasing new versions, managing testers, renewing annual certificates, etc.) and may result in Apple removing it from the App Store altogether if neglected. Transferring the Account Holder role gives Black Line the authority to keep your account in good standing perpetually, in streamlined and efficient manner.
      • Assumes Account transfer performed by Client stakeholder:
        • Follow the instructions “Transferring the Account Holder Role” in this page from Apple.
  2. Annual App Store Management:
    • Annual App Store management includes:
      • Annual Apple App store/Google Play store developer fees.
      • Resolve policy changes, accept agreements, and keep the account in good standing with Apple/Google.
      • Payments managed by Black Line.
  3. Annual Maintenance:
    • Annual Maintenance depends on the platform in which your app was developed. Black Line typically uses one of the following frameworks: Xamarin/Maui or GoNative.
    • Xamarin/Maui Platform Application Annual Maintenance:
      • Xamarin + 3rd-Party dependency updates
      • Commercial 3rd-Party library license renewals (if required).
      • iOS/Android SDK retargeting to account for new device and operating system releases.
      • Address bugs and/or crashes reported by usage tracking.
      • Cleanup or refactor legacy implementations of features.
      • Testing upgrades.
      • Manage deployment pipelines.
      • Produce installable App in required format.
      • Deployments to Beta Testers/Stores.
      • Multiple review processes.
      • Document Maintenance and Client report.
    • GoNative Application Annual Maintenance
      • Rebuild iOS/Android apps with latest feature-set.
      • Re-release App to stores once a year to ensure that the App itself can target new operating systems and devices.
      • Testing & Adjustments.

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