Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance means the various toolsets and technologies necessary for software development are continually adjusted, patched and upgraded.  BLC incorporates into its Software Maintenance regular upgrades of custom systems to keep pace with changes to these underlying technologies.

A regular maintenance schedule is completed at least two times per year or more if required by the manufacturer.  Our client’s custom applications are kept at the highest version levels to ensure support by the manufacturers whose technologies are being utilized.

Below are the various components covered by the Black Line Software Maintenance program:

  • Semi-Annual Updates:  Custom software systems must be maintained regularly just as all other business systems do.  Black Line’s Software Maintenance program performs regular system updates to your system insuring the highest level of availability and quality.
    • Cross browser support, your system is adjusted to keep pace with the frequent changes and updates made to browser platforms.
    • Security updates:  browser and operating system platforms update their security technologies often leading to adjustments to custom systems.
    • .NET: Microsoft regularly updates this core technology and the Black Line Software Maintenance program includes system adjustments to stay compliant.
    • Other patches, upgrades, technology support:  The software landscape continually changes and evolves, your system will be guaranteed to evolve along with it with the Software Maintenance program.
  • BOSS platform:  Through the hundreds of software program BLC has developed, common system components were developed by Black Line to aid in the completeness of all systems deployed.  These “components” have been developed through significant investment and require regular maintenance, updates and added functionality.  Common features:
    • Security handling
    • Logging and error trapping
    • Reporting
    • Audit Trail/Event Logging Systems
    • Calendar System
    • Notification System
  • Supporting Technologies: All modern software systems are built using numerous “supporting” technologies.  Each of these technologies requires regular maintenance and support.  Black Line Software Maintenance programs include the updates and upgrades to these systems so your business systems are always compatible.  Common systems:
    • Databases
    • Modeling tools
    • Development tools
    • Third-party class libraries
    • Monitoring systems
    • Design tools
    • Graphic design tools
  • Added functionality: As the supporting technologies are upgraded and improved, a Client system may benefit from a new feature.  Black Line will add new features to existing systems without having to charge if the added capability is desired and included in the agreement.

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