Software Development Expectations

Custom Software Development has unique scoping, project management and communication challenges. Below are some expectations to consider when working with Black Line’s Software Development team.

Design Scope:

  • Software design projects are intended to define the functional and technical components of a proposed solution
  • Design projects have limited budgets and do not have factored in unlimited adjustments to project scope
  • It’s the client’s responsibility to identify and notify Black Line of any significant design variations from original scoped project
  • Client understands that there may be added costs to a project if there are excessive revisions
  • Revisions are defined as adjustments to screen layout, colors, wording, major functional additions, workflow or capabilities
  • Excessive is defined as 2 or more adjustments requested for one of the above categories. For example, “tweaking” color, layout or nitpicking of formatting.  Excessive functional adjustments include expanding scope of project as Client understands more about their processes being automated.
  • In any of the above cases, Black Line will notify the Client budget may be impacted and will be given the opportunity to limit revisions prior to additional costs incurred

Project Management:

  • Software Development requires the full engagement of the Client Subject Matter Experts (SME) to produce a successful product
  • SMEs are expected to provide verification of design decisions, test system components that are built and provide feedback and certification to Black Line’s work product
  • Client recognizes that it must actively participate in completing work according to jointly agreed upon deadlines
  • Client recognizes that Black Line resources are required to follow established software development standard procedures and have narrow development windows to complete work
  • Client recognizes that it may incur additional costs if SME deadlines are not met or delayed


  • Custom software development requires accurate, direct and timely communication between software engineers and Client SMEs
  • Black Line Engineers are expected to understand, document and verify the business rules they are intended to duplicate in an digital system
  • Excessive communication during the software design or development process may impact project timelines, budgets or both
  • Client recognizes that when a Black Line Engineer is engaged via phone, email or other device they are billing for their time against the project.
  • Black Line recognizes that not every communication is strictly project related but there are limits to the amount of time that can be spent on non-programming activities by BL Engineers

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