Software Capabilities: Software Development & Related Services


Custom development Web, Windows
Mobile App iOS, Android
Integration WCF Services, REST/SOAP, Direct Access, RabbitMQ, AMPQ, Reverse Engineering
Website Design and development, Modernization, Cloud Migrations
Specialty apps Scanners, readers


SQL Server Install, Configure, License, Maintain, Optimize
MySQL Install, Configure, Maintain, Optimize
Access Conversion to traditional database
Dbase Conversion to traditional database
Performance tuning Evaluation of database issues, missing/unused indexes, query optimization
Database administration Installation, maintenance plans, configuration, data management
Design Data modeling


C# Web App, MVC, Entity Framework, SignalR, Windows Services, WCF Service, WinForms, Legacy WebForms Conversions, Classic ASP Modernization
VB WinForms, WebForms Conversions


HTML Anything
Javascript Vanilla, jQuery
CSS CSS3, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Tailwind
IIS Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting
ASP.NET + NET Core MVC, SignalR/Data Streaming, gRPC, File management
Linux Install, Configure, Hardening
Apache, NGINX, Caddy Setup, Configure, Secure, Load Balance
TLS/SSL Certificate Security Generate, Install, Renewals


Power BI  Install, Create Reports, Connect Data, Embed Dashboards
Crystal Reports Modify, Export, Replace


Microsoft SSIS  ETL operations, Integration
SEO, Social Media  Basic Marketing, Analytics, AdWords
Telecommunications  Enable business SMS/MMS communication, Automated voice calls, multiple language support
Communications  Email Blasts, Transitional Emails, 2-Factor/Multi-Factor support via Authenticator Apps, SMS, voice, and email


Website  Availability, performance, analysis
Database  Availability, performance, analysis

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