Android™ App Development

Black Line Offers Full Stack Android™ Native App Development 

Transform your business by getting your data, your systems, your efficiency into the hands of your team where ever they are. Black Line specializes in building fast, high quality mobile apps for Android™ Phones and Tablets.

  • No Cost Prototype: Black Line Engineers will build a working prototype of your Android™ Application, so you can see, and feel, how it works before spending anything.
  • Any Platform: Mobile device, tablet and any other platform that supports the Android™ operating system.
  • Responsive Design: Mobile apps must respond to the size of the screen, otherwise people are left frustrated.  Black Line App Developers are skilled in designing your App to work on any device.
  • Efficient: Mobile devices use cell technology, which is limited in bandwidth, so an App must be efficient in the way data is managed.  Black Line developers make sure only necessary data is pushed to your mobile device, so you are not waiting around for your systems to work.
  • App Design: A mobile app that is poorly design can leave your team frustrated and confused, something you cannot afford when moving fast. Menus, actions, navigation and content display are all critical to how your app functions.
  • Support: A Mobile Application is no different than other software and requires timely and effective support.  The Black Line team is here to be sure your mobile users always have someone there to help.
  • Updates and Adjustments: As with all software, Mobile Apps often need to change to meet the challenges of a growing business.  The Black Line maintenance program ensures your Mobile App is always on the cutting edge and adapts to your business needs.
  • Integrate:  Android™ applications often need to integrate to other systems and Black Line has the professionals, and experience, to make that happen.
  • Google Play™:  Every Android™ application must follow certain guidelines and processes to be downloadable in the Google Play store.  Black Line will coordinate all the tasks necessary so your App is properly listed and ready to be downloaded.

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