Project Management

Developed over 20 years of successful IT projects, Black Line has developed its own Project Management process to ensure the quality and completeness of all its solutions.  Our Project Management philosophy is based on the following:

  • Planning: Thorough planning is more than setting dates and deliverables, other dates important to our client (like busy periods, product launches or vacations) need to be considered when developing a plan.
  • Transparency: At Black Line we use electronic toolsets that provide real-time and transparent communication with our Clients, so you always know what we are working on.
  • Goal Setting: At the heart of any IT solution is what is to be accomplished and the importance to the business.
  • Expectation Management: We have found that every IT project has unique challenges and circumstances.  As such, we ensure our Project Managers are clear to communicate what they can expect throughout the project.  More importantly, clearly communicate if there is any deviation from the original plan.
  • Financial Oversight:  There is nothing more stressful than for any sort of budget impact to an IT project.  Our Project Managers are trained to spot, and address, any possible budgetary impacting items before they become a problem for you.
  • Communication: Our motto is “over-communication” with our Clients, especially if the first time around with Black Line.  Over-communicating reduces misunderstandings, keeps projects moving and provides ample opportunities to question or adjust the process.

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