General Billing Terms Policy

General Billing Terms

CLIENT understands:

  • Upon placement of an order payment for product is due by credit card or pre-paid company check unless prearranged otherwise.
  • Services/labor will be invoiced monthly or at the completion of a project.
  • Hardware/Software prices fluctuate often and therefore are valid for 30 days from the date of quote.  After 30 days, prices are subject to change.
  • Quoted shipping charges may be subject to change.
  • Travel Fees will be invoiced monthly or at the completion of a project.
  • Signed quotes, that are cancelled, are subject to a $125 cancellation fee or 40% of deposit, whichever is greater.  All sales are final
  • All disputes about invoiced charges must be provided to BLC in writing within 30 days of invoice
  • All past due invoices will be charged a finance fee equal to 1.5% per each 30‐day period that the invoice is past due.
  • Legal fees shall be paid by CLIENT if incurred by BLC to collect any amount due under this agreement or any previously agreed Purchase Order.
  • Legal fees and finance charges will be included in any collections efforts on past due

Order Processing Fee

  • CLIENT understands an additional charge may be applied in connection with processing certain client payments to Black Line for products and services. These charges will be instituted when the company incurs additional costs in processing and handling the client’s payment.
  • CLIENT understands the charges below may be applied to certain orders to mitigate the costs of processing those transactions through the banking system. These costs may include the cost of renting processing equipment, staff time, third-party charges, and other associated costs applied by the bank.

Credit Cards

All client payments via credit card will be charged an order processing fee. A flat percentage charge was adopted to apply to all credit card products (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) accepted by the company.

  Order Processing Fee%
All Credit Card Orders 2.00%

*amount includes shipping, handling, and other fees and taxes


If a client wishes to send a wire/ACH payment and Black Line will incur a bank fee for processing the wire into its account, the company may elect to pass that fee on to the client. The decision to impose such a fee would be weighed against the advantage of receiving payment more quickly than through other payment methods. The decision to impose a wire fee will be based on the amount of the payment and the discretion of Accounting Staff

Special Circumstances:

  • Client credits: The processing fee will only be charged on the amount placed on the credit card for processing, net of any client credits applied. Typically, the amount will include shipping and handling fees.
  • Client returns: If a client returns part of an order, there will be no credit of the order processing fee.
  • Debit Cards: By law, additional order processing fees cannot be imposed on debit card purchases.
  • Waiving the Charge: Black Line may decide to waive the order processing fee in certain circumstances as approved by Accounting Staff

Procurement Processing Fee

  • CLIENT understands a Processing Fee may be applied for processing orders below a certain minimum threshold, imposed to recover costs incurred by the business to process their order.
  • CLIENT may wish to combine the order with other needs, so the total exceeds the minimum threshold, thereby avoiding the additional fee.
  • CLIENT understands this charge is to be applied to certain client orders to purchase hardware or software if the order does not exceed a minimum requirement to generate profits sufficient to cover the overhead costs (costs of preparing, verifying, submitting and managing) incurred to process the transaction. These are referred to as Minimum Order Charges.

Minimum Order Charge Thresholds

The Minimum Order Charge is tiered so as not to impose an undue burden on clients who regularly place small orders with the business. Below is the structure of the Minimum Order Charge.

Order Amount* Minimum Order Charge
<$250.00 $10.00
$250.00 – $499.99 $20.00
$500.00 — $999.99 $30.00
$1000.00+ None

*amount excludes shipping, handling, order processing and other fees, taxes and is not taxable

Special Circumstances:

  • Client credits: The application of client credits will not affect whether a minimum order charge is imposed. Therefore, if a credit is applied which lowers the order below the minimum threshold for the additional charge, no minimum order fee will be applied.
  • Client returns: If a client returns part of an order, thereby lowering the final sale to an amount below the minimum order threshold, no additional charges will be imposed.
  • Partial orders: If, due to circumstances not requested or caused by the client, an order must be broken into separate orders for processing, shipment, backorder or other reasons, and one or more of the orders is below the minimum order threshold, no additional charges will be made.
  • Other exceptions:   Minimum Order Charge may be waived at the discretion of Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager or Account Executive

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