After Hours Premium Rate Policy

If needed, the Black Line Engineering Team can be made available for work outside the normal business hours of 8a-5p Monday through Friday. Because there are many combinations of activities performed and Client contractual arrangements, below is guidance on what every Black Line Client can expect for “After Hours” work.


  • Black Line projects are proposed, documented and scoped IT work with an established budget, goals and expectations
  • Black Line factors into each Project scope if there is need for work to be performed “After Hours”
  • Unless notified and approved in advance, Clients should assume they will NOT be charged an “After Hours” premium rate


  • Black Line regularly conducts maintenance and proactive activities on Client IT systems outside of normal business hours
  • Because Black Line plans for maintenance activities to be performed outside of normal business hours, Clients should expect NOT be charged an “After Hours” premium rate

Non-Emergency Support

  • Non-Emergency IT support is a Client request that is not defined as an emergency and solely at the discretion and convenience of the Client
  • If the request is scheduled ahead of time and Black Line is provided the opportunity to schedule accordingly, there will NOT be a “After Hours” premium charge
  • Depending on the Client contractual arrangement, regular labor rates still may apply

Emergency Support

  • Black Line always has an “on-call” Engineer available from 5p-10p and 6a-8a, Monday through Friday and 8a-9p Saturday and Sunday for Emergency support requests
  • Emergencies are defined as: Unavoidable, technical situations preventing normal business operations with no workaround and the impact is as such that it cannot wait until the next business day
  • Clients should expect to be charged the “After Hours” premium rate when contacting the Emergency Support Line
  • If the Emergency situation occurs “After Hours” and is defined as “Critical” (based on the Black Line Priority Matrix), the Black Line team will respond accordingly and may or may not charge the “After Hours” premium rate
  • In addition, depending on the Client’s contractual arrangement there may be a charge for “After Hours” work but not at the premium rate

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