WordPress Hosting, Maintenance & Support

Your  business operations are complex enough without adding WordPress maintenance and hosting resources to your team.  Keep you and your team focused on what you do best and leave your web presence to Black Line IT. We host, maintain and support your WordPress site so you can stay focused on your business.

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates

We update all WP core files, theme and plugins weekly. Our process involves a manual inspection of your site to ensure no errors.

  • WordPress Core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Update conflict-resolutions
  • Does not cover cost of any premium plugin licenses

Security Monitoring

WordPress is an extremely popular piece of software as it comprises 25-40% of the web at any given time. Because of it’s popularity, it’s attacked almost constantly by hackers looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Most of the attacks are looking to exploit known vulnerabilities on unsecured sites.  Basic cybersecurity protections are enough to ward of the majority of attacks. Combine cybersecurity protections with keeping plugins, themes, WordPress, and PHP up to date for even more protection.

  • File and WordPress core monitoring
  • Up-time monitoring
  • Brute force protection
  • IP blocking

Hosting Support

This is time spent troubleshooting problems related to the hosting and ongoing operations of your website.  Hosting issues are very rare, but they do occur, and we will manage the troubleshooting and restoration of service quality in the event of an issue.

  • Server core and extension updates
  • PHP upgrades and conflict resolution


Errors happen, and in many cases it can be far more costly to try to repair a website than it is to restore it from backup.  Business owners often invest substantial resources into the development of their site.  Backups help protect your investment by keeping a copy of it’s source code and database in case the production copy is corrupted.

  • Daily Backups
  • Full restore-ready backups
  • Off-server storage

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