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Win AD

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that is included with the Windows Server operating system and provides centralized management and security for resources on a network. It enables organizations to manage and organize their users, computers, and other resources, such as printers and applications, using a hierarchical structure. Active Directory uses a variety of protocols, such as Kerberos and LDAP, to communicate and authenticate users and resources.

Active Directory also provides a number of additional features such as Group Policy, which allows for centralized management of settings and configurations for users and computers, and Domain Name System (DNS) integration, which allows for easy resolution of domain names to IP addresses.

Technology Group
Server Services
Technology Category
Directory Service

What value does this add to my business?

What value does it bring to a business:

  • Centralized management of user and resource information
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Provides a hierarchical structure of management
  • Group Policy allows for centralized management of settings and configurations
  • DNS integration allows for easy resolution of domain names to IP addresses
  • Improve security with active directory it is possible to implement and enforce strict access policies

What can I expect from this service?

What can a Business Owner expect from this product:

  • Centralized management of network resources
  • Improved security through strict access policies
  • Increased productivity by providing secure and fast access to files and data
  • Improved scalability, as the organization grows
  • Easy access to network resources

Common problems in the business this service solves

What are the common problems this product solves in a business:

  • Effectively managing and securing network resources
  • Centralizing management of shared resources
  • Central user authentication and authorization
  • Centralizing resource access policies
  • Difficulty in tracking and auditing access to shared resources

Why is a solution needed?

Why is a solution like this needed?

  • As businesses become more reliant on digital data, the need to secure and manage network resources has become increasingly important.
  • Active Directory enables organizations to manage and organize users, computers, and other resources using a hierarchical structure, providing centralized management, security, and control over network resources.
  • User authentication and authorization feature of AD allows for secure access to network resources and prevent unauthorized access.
  • The integration with DNS allows for easy resolution of domain names to IP addresses, improving the scalability and performance of the network.

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