Software Maintenance

Building your business for the future,
while keeping your current state optimal.

At a high-level, Black Line’s maintenance services will provide:

  • Semi-Annual Updates:
    • Cross browser support, your system is adjusted to keep pace with the frequent changes and updates made to browser platforms.
    • Security updates: browser and operating system platforms update their security technologies often leading to adjustments to custom systems.
    • .NET: Microsoft regularly updates its technologies and the Software Maintenance program includes applying these changes as needed.
    • Other patches, upgrades, technology support: Applying system enhancements and adjustments to match the continually evolving software toolset landscape.
  • Maintenance, support, and updates with common supporting technologies and systems such as:
    • Databases
    • Modeling tools
    • Development tools
    • Third-party class libraries
    • Monitoring systems
    • Design tools
    • Graphic design tools
  • Ease of added functionality: When the time comes to add features or functions to your system, these can be done with greater ease due to your system being up-to-date

Software Maintenance Services

Whether you’re looking to digitally transform your business or just looking to fix a specific problem with your current software, we can help improve your application’s performance through:

Software & Mobile App Maintenance

Similar to conducting routine upkeep on a car or home, software and mobile applications require maintenance to remain updated, patched, secured and future-proofed. The various underlying toolsets and technologies of your software systems change at a high velocity, so Black Line’s software maintenance services will keep your system’s performance levels up-to-speed and ensure it’s longevity for continued value-add to your organization.

Application Monitoring

Software Proactive Support: After working with us to build and support your software, we can perform regular monitoring to review the critical components of your business application to ensure operational effectiveness. If there is evidence of potential failures, we can address them with urgency and proactivity to mitigate the risk of having failed patches, unresponsive data access, or most importantly, downtime.

Database Platform Monitoring & Maintenance

Black Line will perform regular review of your application databases to analyze results and define action plan for addressing issues. By monitoring the specific services required by a database server to function properly, we can address potential issues with urgency and proactivity to mitigate the risk of having failed patches, unresponsive data access, or most importantly, downtime.

Software Maintenance Insights

Resources and information to help you get ahead.

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