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Helpdesk & Rapid Response Services

Our Help Desk operations and team of responsive, skilled engineers take care of you…beyond your technology.

Help Desk

An IT help desk is a service center for your organization to submit any and all of your technical problems and questions. Your IT help desk should be reachable via phone, chat, email, or an onsite resource. The help desk will triage your issues to appropriately assign and coordinate the proper technical resources, verify task completion, and assure that our high standards of response, resolution, and quality are being met. All while communicating and providing transparency to the end user.

Rapid Response

Technology has become a requirement to work productively in this day and age. When your hardware or software is down, we know the impact it can have on you and your business. That’s why our help desk is here to rapidly respond to any an all of your tech issues.

Account Management

When working with Black Line, you’ll have a responsive, transparent, knowledgeable, and team of engineers supporting you in addition to a primary Account Manager serving as the expert in your organization’s IT environment. Your dedicated Account Manager will be there to provide you with counsel, recommendations, and verify alignment with IT best practices so you’re informed on the state of your technology and have appropriate guidance along the way.

Vendor Coordination

Coordinating with your technology vendors takes a lot of time, and they often require technical information that you may not know or have immediate access to. Black Line will liaison with the other organizations providing technology solutions tied to your Infrastructure, Line of Business applications, and other third-party providers so you don’t have to.

Engineer Coordination

After submitting a support request or ticket with us, we will assess and align that issue with the skills of the appropriate Engineer to get it addressed. Our goal is to have a consistent team of Engineers working with your organization, so you can feel confident in their familiarity of your environment to address your needs with speed and accuracy.

Support Quality Management

We hold ourselves to a high standard of support quality and as a result, our SLA data on issue response and resolution times doesn’t lie. We provide oversight of the work being performed to ensure Black Line solutions are of the highest quality and that the solutions are addressing the root cause of an issue, not just a band-aid.

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