Solution Design

Some of Black Line’s Solution Design Services:

  • Network Assessment: Assess effectiveness of the various components of your network infrastructure
  • Server Solutions: All aspects of server implementation
    • Server Design
    • Server Upgrades
    • Server Transition
  • Security Solutions: Solutions to protect your data and systems from malicious attack and compromise
    • Virus
    • Malware
    • Encryption
  • Cloud: Off premise systems hosted by a third party provider
    • Infrastructure (servers, business applications)
    • Storage (centralized and Internet based storage)
    • Services (Email, SPAM, Virus)
  • Backup: Data protection solutions, business continuity and disaster recovery
    • On-premise
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid solutions
    • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Storage Solutions: Large data storage solutions and redundancy
    • Storage area networks
    • Networked attached storage
  • Virtualization: Server virtualization limiting physical hardware requirements
  • Redundancy: General IT redundancy for failover and contingency plans
  • Remote Accessibility: Remote system accessibility to on-premise data and systems
  • Server Room: Physical design, configuration and implementation of server room components
  • Wiring and Cabling: General wiring and cabling providing connectivity between network components
  • Power Backup Solutions: Power conditioning and power stability solutions
  • SPAM Solutions: Unsolicited email filtering
  • Email Systems: Exchange and other on-premise email systems
  • Productivity Systems: End user productivity tools such as Outlook , Word and Excel
  • Other peripherals: Network attached devices, phones, readers, special operational equipment.

What does Black Line IT mean
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It means your IT systems are up, available, and ready for business.
It means we’re standing by, eager to help. It means you’re with a company that looks at things differently.