IT Management

IT Management is just as it sounds, Information Technology should be managed like all other areas of your business.  IT Management doesn’t happen by itself and requires the right pieces.

  • End-user request management: Manage and coordinate each support request by user and communicate status until the issue is addressed.
  • IT support quality management: Oversight of work being performed to ensure Black Line solutions are of the highest quality.  Black Line Account Managers review solutions, the time spent and the appropriateness of the solution.
  • IT resource coordination: We have a team of people that their job is to be sure the right person is found, communicated with and scheduled to address your IT request.
  • IT department reporting and transparency: Transparency of work being performed, time spent and the documented solutions are available for your review at any time.  We find this level of communication is necessary to develop and maintain trust with you and your team.
  • IT Vendor Coordination: Liaison to other organizations providing technology solutions tied to your network such as telecommunications, mobile providers, cloud hosting, etc.

What does Black Line IT mean
It’s the blinking vertical cursor |

It means your IT systems are up, available, and ready for business.
It means we’re standing by, eager to help. It means you’re with a company that looks at things differently.