Website: Release Rejoice Renew


Blog For Parents of Special Needs Children Client: Overview: Annie Todor was looking for us to create a website that would serve as a blog for parents of special needs children, promote her upcoming book, and journal about her life. The website has a clean and light look to [...]

Website: Simply Suite Music


Website For Music Lessons Client: Overview: Simply Suite Music was looking for a website developer to create a website for their business that specializes in music lessons in the Lincoln-Way Area. They wanted the website to reflect their positive and joyful approach to teaching that encourages their students to continue [...]

Website: Grandview Realty


Grandview Realty Website Client: Overview: A new arm of Grandview Homes, Grandview Realty is a recently developed company that was looking for Black Line to create a website for them that would reflect the stress free experience they provide their clients with, whether they are buying a new [...]

Website: Appliance Repair Company


Appliance Repair Company Website Client: Overview: Appliance Rescue Service is an appliance repair company based out of Plano, IL. They were looking to update the look of their current site to a modern and visually appealing website. This clean and sleek website is easy to navigate and clearly [...]

Website: Kitchen Remodeling Company


Website For Kitchen Ingenuity Client: Overview: Kitchen Ingenuity was looking for a website developer in Naperville to create a website for their kitchen remodeling business that specializes in custom loft spaces in Chicago. They wanted users to quickly identify their expertise within the kitchen remodeling [...]

Website For Veterans Technology Group


"Found by Veteran’s in 2009 Veteran Technology Group is a research and development company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) applications for troubleshooting. Our customers are the US Military and Military Manufacturers.  VTG looks to provide the next generation tools to help soldiers survive in combat situations." WEBSITE [...]