Capabilities Demo App


CAPABILITIES DEMO APP Client: Black Line Internal Project Overview: This mobile app was created internally by the BLC team to showcase some common features and capabilities that can be implemented into our clients’ apps. This includes push notifications, real time chat, content management, reporting, and real [...]

Bidding and Scheduling Mobile App


BIDDING AND SCHEDULING MOBILE APP Client: Roofing Company Overview: BLC’s client, a local roofing company, needed a mobile simplified version of their current web-based application. The mobile app is to be used by field personnel to expedite and streamline the bid process. Problem: BLC’s client needed [...]

Medical Encyclopedia Mobile App


MEDICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA MOBILE APP Client: Bastian Voice Institute ( Overview: is an online encyclopedia of medical terms and various informational resources related to voice health, swallowing, airway, and other head and neck disorders created by Dr. Bastian and his team at Bastian Voice Institute. Dr. Bastian wanted to expand [...]