Project Description

Workflow Management System

Alpha Review specializes in reviewing medical bills for workers’ compensation programs. Alpha’s services are available throughout the United States for third-party administrators, insurance carriers, self-insured entities and other organizations that need assistance with medical bill auditing. Providing medical bill review services since 1995 and have become one of the premiere medical bill review companies in the U.S..

Question:  Alpha Review electronically receives almost all of its bills and, as they continue to grow, the volume of bills is rapidly increasing.  Alpha Review needed a method for auditing, and control, as bills were received, prepared and reviewed. In addition, as Alpha’s client needs adjust, a solution needed to be flexible enough to handle multiple file transfer methods yet not increase complexity in subsequent business processes.

Answer:  Black Line recommended a Workflow Management System that was best suited to address the numerous variations on how files were transmitted and received by Alpha Review.  The system developed for Alpha Review fully documents, audits and controls the pre-processing of bills providing a guarantee that all files provided by a client were properly received and processed by Alpha Review.

Recently, upgrades were made to the Workflow Management System improving the user interface and making routine tasks even more efficient.  This work was completed through the Black Line Software Maintenance program, an affordable and flexible way to address an organization’s software needs.