Project Description

Operational Dashboard

Client: AccuQuest Hearing Centers are on the leading edge of audiology, providing the most technically accurate hearing evaluations, care recommendations, and hearing aid fittings to those who have experienced hearing loss. The company was founded in the Chicago area, but in just a few short years expanded its operations to reach from coast-to-coast. AccuQuest now services nearly a thousand people a day in their 180 offices across the country.

Overview:  Accuquest’s growth has been meteoric, and like all growing companies people and processes evolve to adapt to changing conditions. As Accuquest adapted to growth, it found data and business tasks in need of some efficiency improvement.

Challenges: For example, when you have hundreds of employees you need ways to communicate and coordinate with all of them.  While the processes were well defined, some were labor intensive and the timing of others needed to improve.  AccuQuest needed a solution that would reduce expenses, expedite processing and lower the amount of manual tasks.

How Product Helped:  Black Line Consulting (BLC) worked closely with AccuQuest and designed a Web Application that streamlined the entire transaction management process.  The “Operations Dashboard” is utilized by over a hundred users and is the central management system for most operational tasks.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the “Operations Dashboard” is how effective AccuQuest’s doctors, internal staff and management teams can collaborate on serving their customers.  In addition, BLC has been able to incorporate these significant improvements, affordably, through the Black Line Software Maintenance program.

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