Project Description


American Society for GI Endoscopy

ASGE has been a leader in their dedication to promoting advancement and excellence in the practice of GI endoscopy. ASGE benefits the profession 235994-ASGE logoand the public by promoting valuable ongoing research in endoscopy and its application to disease management. Over 9,000 domestic and international gastroenterologists, surgeons and other medical specialists who utilize endoscopy are members. ASGE is located in Oak Brook, IL.

Project Overview 

ASGE’s database server (Microsoft® SQL Server) had evolved from a supporting system to one that was central to all mission critical functions of the organization.  As the existing equipment was aging a new and more robust solution was needed.

Goals for the project included:

  • Providing a more stable and robust platform for mission critical applications
  • No downtime during conversion
  • Providing added functionality with SharePoint Services
  • Coordinate tasks with outside consultants and vendors

Project Completion               

As part of BLC’s proven system transition methodology, the project was planned, executed and all project goals were reached.  A project of this scope has significant risks and through careful planning, contingency planning, and coordination with outside vendors the project was extremely successful.