Project Description


Client: Bastian Voice Institute (

Overview: is an online encyclopedia of medical terms and various informational resources related to voice health, swallowing, airway, and other head and neck disorders created by Dr. Bastian and his team at Bastian Voice Institute. Dr. Bastian wanted to expand his online presence, so he turned to Black Line Consulting to create a mobile app version of

Challenges: The challenge that was facing was limited online exposure and easily accessible mobile informational material.

How product helped: A mobile app makes the valuable information that medical students, doctors, and patients are looking for easily accessible. It also increases Laryngopedia’s online presence by being easily accessed on the go and users do not have to remember the website URL because the app is right there on their mobile device.

Future plans: Dr. Bastian’s plan for a future version of the app is to include video consulting capabilities and in-app messaging. He also plans on integrating the app with health records to add scheduling, patient communication, and payment capabilities.

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