Project Description

Waster Management CRM

Current GM System

Waste Management-Recycling Services (WMRS) has been providing innovative recycling solutions to office, manufacturing and industrial facilities since 1984.  They are the largest recycler of post-consumer fiber in the Chicago-area.

Question: WMRS has been successfully utilizing a fully integrated CRM/Operational system based on the Goldmine CRM system since 1998.  The Goldmine solution is a very mature system and has been ideal for WMRS tasks. As systems have continued to evolve, WMRS decided to embark on a Legacy System Replacement project to upgrade the current Goldmine system, and other integrated operational systems, with a robust web-based application.

WM Upgrade

Upgraded GM System

Answer: Black Line Consulting (BLC) worked closely with WMRS and designed a Web Application that took the best of what Goldmine offered and designed a truly state-of-the-art system.  The new “WM Recycling Management System” addresses significant operational inefficiencies and automates manual tasks truly providing a rapid return on investment.  In addition, WMRS will now enjoy the benefits of modern technology and the ability to rapidly adjust and extend the system to meet the ever-changing business environment.

The “WM Recycling Management System” was built through the Black Line Software Maintenance program, an affordable and flexible way to address an organization’s software needs.

“Legacy Systems have such rich data to mine from and deep process knowledge”

“Black Line upgrades legacy systems often with modern technologies and interfaces. What is often overlooked is that Legacy systems have such rich data to mine from and deep knowledge of how the business processes work “
Jody Jankovsky, Managing Member and Founder, Black Line Consulting