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Are you qualified to manage an IT person?

The IT needs of a small business can be complex, making it very difficult for those without an IT background to manage technical resources. IT companies can provide your business with a team of experts specifically matched to the needs of your business. A good IT firm will address your business’s challenges with individual solutions based on decades of experience – not a one-size-fits-all plan.

Components of IT Outsourcing

Components of IT Outsourcing

In this “Outsourcing series”, we explore the four main benefits of outsourcing IT services to a third party. This includes staffing, talent management, available services and operational management. Using an outside firm gives your business access to a wide range of skills, experts, and services that would otherwise be expensive to acquire.

An outside firm hires only IT professionals, so they become experts at doing just that. As an example, at Black | Line Consulting we have a scientific hiring model in place to make sure that all of our employees will be a positive addition to the companies they are working with. We measure and develop over 50 individual skills within each of our consultants. A study by Monster found that “it’s not just the technical skills an employer is looking for in an IT professional. Employers cited communication skills, personality/cultural fit, type of work experience and interpersonal skills as additional qualifications they look for when making a new IT hire.” Those are all areas we look into.

IT Qualifications

Our hiring process includes comprehensive personality profiling, technical skill evaluation and rating and consulting skills evaluation/rating. We then divide our engineers into four levels: Entry Level, Systems Engineer, Lead Engineer and Senior Engineer. They all undergo technical testing to evaluate their technical and troubleshooting capabilities, and the personality profiling helps us see if they have well-rounded business communication skills, written and verbal communication skills, their ability to lead and collaborate, their ability to stay organized and their attention to detail.

In other words – our employees are known quantities. We know you need to trust them with some of the most important pieces of your business and we make sure they are deserving of that trust. When you choose to outsource your IT department, be sure the same measures are in place.

Top Talent

Top IT talent works for outsource providers because it offers the most challenging environments, access to the latest technologies and diversity in problems and challenges. They have access to research and development opportunities, exposure to diverse computing environments and are always facing new challenges. First rate firms also provide employees with mentoring and internal projects to provide opportunities to develop their business and technical skills.

When selecting an IT firm, choose one with a large team to help your business avoid IT service continuity problems that can arise in a smaller team. If you have one IT staffer and they are sick or on vacation when an issue surfaces, or if you are in the middle of a personnel transition, you can be left in a sticky situation.

If you would like for your business to have access to the best minds in the field, the widest range of services and tools, and specialized management outsource your IT department today.

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