Project Description

AccuquestAccuQuest Hearing Centers are on the leading edge of audiology, providing the most technically accurate hearing evaluations, care recommendations, and hearing aid fittings to those who have experienced hearing loss. The company was founded in the Chicago area, but in just a few short years expanded its operations to reach from coast-to-coast. AccuQuest now services nearly a thousand people a day in their 180 offices across the country.

Question: AccuQuest was already using a data analysis and reporting tool called DOMO to collect, report, and implement data regarding revenue generating marketing activities. However, this system was labor intensive and required employees to spend time on numerous manual processes like entering data into spreadsheets. It was also not linked to their marketing information database, which made it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. How could AccuQuest better automate their data collection system and combine the data it was already collecting in other systems to create one functional, efficient database?

Answer: AccuQuest already had many of the marketing information pieces it was looking for but needed to combine them into one overall data system. The data in MEMS, their system for marketing activity information, was not automatically linked to the data analysis DOMO system. Black | Line recommended a data pull to bring all of the marketing data in MEMS and other spreadsheets into DOMO in a usable way. The data pull made sure that existing data would be modeled, grouped, cross-checked, and automatically manipulated before it was exported to a central data cloud.

Usable Data: The new integrated system automates data cleaning and decoding. The “clean” data is organized in a more usable way and can be looked at according to media type, campaign type, delivery method, etc. Additionally, items such as promo codes can be decoded for readability in DOMO making the information more usable when determining a campaign’s success.

User Interface: A user interface was also developed to maintain decoder data and better manage data input methods. Specific user inputs were created so that promo codes could be generated from the input. With all of their data in one place, updated by automatic twice-daily exports, the AccuQuest team can analyze it and create reports in real time, and better track the sales impact that their  marketing tactics and campaigns have had.

Download the original case study here: AccuQuest – Software – DOMO Integration.pdf


“We had all this great data, and we knew how we wanted to use it, but the process of loading it into the previous system was labor intensive. Plus, we didn’t have it all accessible in a single dashboard. Black | Line was able to come in and build a system that works for our company and our employees. Now we can look at each of our marketing campaigns and easily run reports to see how well they are converting into sales – it’s invaluable.”
Greg Wells, VP of Marketing, AccuQuest Hearing Centers